#first Period: Grandmother said, the mother has touched the crow


Read today in the sixth installment of Series #PehlaPeriod based on menstruation; Richa Sackle, Pooja Das, Shivani Pandey and Jagruti Pandey’s experience.
Richa Sackley
I never knew what happens to my mother every month? Why is he cut off? Why in those four days does she only wash the utensil? Why is the grandmother sprinkling water on their washed utensils?

If she asked her mother, she would have avoided. Dada asked the grandmother if he told that your mother has touched the crow.

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#PehlaPeriod: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’
Then one day our 12-year-old care taker touched the crow. Grandma was screaming at him why he put things in the house.

But the poor man was washing his underwear while crying quietly, after a few days he left the job and went away.

I had always been afraid that the crow might not touch me even a day. Many times she even thought that if she does not touch her grandmother, then maybe she does not touch me.

One day in the toilet of the school show some red in the panties. At that time then nothing did. She came home early and told her mother. She went to the kitchen and brought sugar to feed.

After this the mother explained to me everything about menstruation.

I was afraid of the scourge. I and Mommy had dealt that grandmother would not tell about this and indeed grandmother never knew about this.

‘My sister tells Periods good days’
Worship das
No one was told about the period in the house nor was anyone outside the house.

At that time I was 13 years old. Grandma had gone home and one day the clothes became blood red with blood. I felt blood cancer and got disturbed.
Worship das
Mommy told, he gave the pad ready from the old clothes of the house.

When the first period was over, it seemed that the trouble came, but later it became known that this is just the beginning.

Shivani Pandey
At that time the seventh grade was in the class. In the village, the mother gave her permission to use the cloth instead of the pad.

The first period was bleeding, so bleeding was too much. Repeatedly the cloth was getting dirty. From that day the mother banned sleeping with her grandmother.
Shivani Pandey
Before bedtime, she used to lay the old sheets on the bed so that the good sheet would not spoil.

Still, blood spots used to go away. What is the untouchable and what happens with it, it seems to me that the first time happened

I did not understand how the grandmother’s love, due to periods, diminished for me.

Jagruti Pandey
My period came in the 13th year. The winter holidays were going on at that time.

I knew everything about the period before, because there were many workshops in my school.

Regardless of when I bleed for the first time, I started crying. My mother was trying to convince me repeatedly.
Jagruti Pandey
I was repeatedly saying that God has dishonest me.

Why does not all this happen to brother? But today when I recall these old things, I am very laughing at my disillusionment

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