#first period: Alta Apply only when month is done …


We asked women to share their first menstruation i.e. #pehlaperiod’s experience. In today’s installment we are presenting the story of Rajbanshi Devi and Lalita.

Both of them are from that generation when the period of Periods began to seek the boy for the girls, because it was assumed that now he has become young and can have a child.

Rajbanshi Devi, age 85 years
Our mother-in-law was very quick minded. New-new bride was keeping her feet on her feet. Speak one day, Bahuriya Alta only after you have done the month, Babu will know that he is untouchable now. If you see Babu’s feet then you will understand that you are not right now.

Rajbanshi Devi smiles a little while telling this, but she also reveals great respect for her mother-in-law, who gave her such advice.
#PehlaPeriod: ‘When told to Papa, he went to zip’

#PehlaPeriod: Son’s hands, girls ‘diapers’

#PehlaPeriod: ‘My sister tells Periods good days’

Sitting with Amma in the courtyard. Age must be 13-14. When he got up, Amma saw that the cloth was red. I ran and took hold of my hand and took it to the room. Speaking, the body seems to have some … the kurta is bad and it is moving around. It is not understood what Amma is screaming.

If you look at the turmeric, then there were two or three spots. Amma’s speech is now young. Learn to take care of body and clothes. It is good to see someone else, or else you would also call us shameless, do not teach Bitia any way. Amma pulled out a cloth from her thief. Speak, pick it up and go and wash your clothes right now.

There was also the instruction, now do not touch the pickle. Stay away from Babuji and do not go near the worship house. When the month ends, wash your hair and eat it.
Amma had told that women who have a month, they become mothers. I was very pleased to know this and I considered it to be God’s doctrine. Now my granddaughter spends money on the sanitary pad so that I spend a lot on the dirty blood … we used to get the ‘sanitary pad’ made by tearing the old sari, even counting it.

Lalita, age 55 years

I got a little late. Mother was very upset about this matter. I have been drinking all the ladies called ‘women’s ladies’.

One day went to school and after the third period, some wet and wet felt, touching with hand, blood was seen. My breath stopped, that blood … screamed in the whole class, teacher murder. The teacher ran and ran ahead, stuck with me and took me to the staff room.

Just understood that there was something wrong because only after the blood was speaking, there was some scorching heat in the class.
By taking them to the staff room, he said, go straight home. They only brought bags from the class room. The rickshaw was called and sent home. Mother did not understand why I had come early but when I looked at my skirt, I did not forget to hear from her mouth till today. I said, come on. One of my concerns has gone away. After that the mother explained.

Although it was always a bad idea to take a pad, especially the rubber ones. Once the pad fell and did not even know. When I came home and saw only the elastic was left in the waist.

Telling the mother, they became worried that no one would spell on me. Today I feel laughing about how anyone can identify someone by looking at the pad

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