Pakistan-Afghanistan tensions over border, five Pak soldiers killed

_100905657_gettyimages-862779754.jpgThis is not the news of the violent clashes on the LoC of Pakistan and India.

The case is from the Durand Line (Afghanistan-Pakistan Border) where the tribal people of Afghanistan killed five soldiers of Pakistan army and captured a soldier.

Although Khukat province governor of Afghanistan Hukum Khan Habibi told the BBC that the bodies of soldiers and soldiers killed were handed over to the Pakistani army.

Well, the clash that started last week has now ended. This is due to the fact that the border between Afghanistan and Afghanistan is being intercepted.

Afghan officials said that two general civilians were killed in the clashes and three others were injured.

Afghan officials say that Pakistani soldiers had entered Afghanistan territory, due to this, Afghan troops deployed on the border and local tribals started firing.
What is durand line
The line Durand line, which separates Afghanistan and Pakistan from the other on the map, is officially called the line Durand Line.

Both the countries are 2500 km long and most of it is a hilly and inaccessible area.

Durand Line separates the Pakhtun tribal areas of Afghanistan from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata, Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

Though it is seen as the western outskirts of Pakistan, but Afghanistan’s governments have never acknowledged it as a split of division.

It is not that for the first time in Afghanistan and Pakistan, violent clashes have occurred in this area.

In May last year, there was a long firing between the two countries and dozens of people were killed in it.

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