Opinion: ‘There is no BJP in Gujarat, if only Modi’


As the date of assembly elections in Gujarat is approaching, the words of Congress-BJP are becoming more acrimonious. There is also a debate on this issue that Gujarat will re-elect the party that has been governing it for two decades or it will change this time.

In Gujarat, on the one hand, the newly formed BJP leaders are seen getting the support of the new leaders emerging on the demand of dalits and patrons, allegedly from angry BJP, on the other hand Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has also appeared in a new aggressive incarnation.

There is a lot of public woes to listen to Rahul and even those who are saying are saying that the Congress can return to Gujarat.

In the past, political analyst and senior journalist Neerja Chaudhary visited many more places including Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Saurashtra, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Surat and tribal dominated areas of Vasava in Bharuch and examined election issues and public trends.

‘Or give Allah Gujarat …’

Dalits jeans and mustache

Read senior journalist Neeraja Chaudhari’s assessment-

Did not forget past year

When I passed through the village, I thought there was a desire to change people. Patseer is angry in Mehsana. There was no talk of reservation or reservations for the anonymous movement, but they say that the reservation will not give us BJP or Congress.

They say that they are in favor of the Congress because they did not kill the Congress at least The effect of the last year’s shoot-out in the Patidar community and anger is clearly visible.

In the year 2015, protesters were lathi-charged and bullets were launched at a rally of Patidar leaders. In this incident, 14 people died. Patidar considers the then Chief Minister Anandiben Patel as responsible for this.

The words used by the Patidars were, “They have become very proud, they think that Gujarat does so, they are doing arbitrarily, they have to give a shock to come on the line.”

Three questions asked by Rahul Gandhi from Prime Minister Modi

Watch Modi-Rahul’s ‘Operation Gujarat’
There was no indignation everywhere in the rural areas where I passed; there was anger in many places. I also saw anger in the village of Kheda. Talk about the gross domestic product all over India, it is at the top of the village of Kheda where the Patidars are settled abroad and send a lot of money to the country.

Youngsters are showing support to Hardik Patel and their campaign is also good at Surat. Four out of the 12 urban seats in Surat can see a fork in the contest.

In the last elections, 72 per cent of the voters voted for the BJP. Can not say what will happen this time.

Modi speaks wrongly or erroneously in Gujarat

Appears in anti-incubancy villages in villages

Roads in Gujarat are quite good, here are the toilets in the villages, there are pucca houses. Look, there is development here and there is no doubt in it. But Anganwadi workers were angry at them and wanted change.

These people are angry because they are expected to contribute in all types of government and non-government programs, but their paycheck is very low.

There is also the anger of many people about the addition of ration cards from the base. People in tribal areas say that before any of the family came and took ration, now the person who has the base can not go for ration, the family will not get ration.

If there is a bit of fingerprint scanning, then it is not possible to get a ration, to repair this disturbance, it has to go to the office.

The BJP has been here for quite a long time and people have started calculating that in 22 years nothing has happened for us and inflation has increased and difficulties too.

Claims and certificates of education in Gujarat

Where inclination in cities?

But in the cities the story looks different. In Surat, it seemed that there was something else. Due to the GST, there was a lot to read about the damage done to the textile merchants. But in the markets there people say that their vote will go to Modi.

Merchants say that due to GST the market was packed with people, now they have started to remain empty, the market has come down, but they will take Modi’s favor to correct it because they have started it.

The traders also feared that if the BJP lost, then what government has helped in reducing the GST rate, maybe they will not get back again and because of this, they are looking at the BJP again.

In the middle class of Ahmedabad, there was an outrage in many things, especially the fear of being deprived of freedom of expression, but usually it seems that people want to satisfy only with the ruling party.

Ground Report: Why Modi is not influenced by Rahul on the Dalits of Gujarat?

Modi is not BJP, the cause of trouble

The one thing that came out in front of the Patidars was that it was that the people who are the most angry, they also say that they do not have problems with Modi but there is trouble from the BJP.

They clearly say that they make a difference between the person and the party and Modi still sees them differently.

On the Congress side, those people who are thinking that they want to shock BJP, “they have to show their dignity”. Many people in Rajkot had said, “If there is a shock / shock then they will come on line for 2019, otherwise they will be very bad minded.”

It is not that people want to take them out and bring another government, people want them to be cured and they do not have pride.

Ground Report: Why Modi is not influenced by Rahul on the Dalits of Gujarat?

Gujarat elections: What are the five difficulties in front of Congress?

Rahul’s turn is in effect

Look at Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader in Gujarat, this time he sees a change; the speech, resolved speech, and a new avatar are seen. Is Gujarat able to find their new leader? This time it seems that people are ready to listen to them, they are not being denied.

The mood in Gujarat is bound to give hope to people that it is not okay to deny Rahul once gave the opportunity. People have now started believing that they should be given an opportunity to run the government after which they should be commented on their capabilities.

In Surendranagar when some people used abuses about Modi, Rahul stopped them and said, “No, you will not say so, I will say this because he is our prime minister.” People liked their point of view.

Congress will give reservations to the patrons of Gujarat?

How important is it to win the patriots to win Gujarat?

Uttar Pradesh body elections will fall?

Look at the local level, this does not happen, but it is difficult to say that during the social media era people are connected with all kinds of news and it will not have any effect.

People who are reading this news on television, on social media, they will not be reading this only. See, Modi is also joining the same people who are affiliated with social media and they are also reading Modi and they will also be hearing their appeal.

Modi is presenting himself as a Gujarati, who promises that we are ready to do everything better at any cost. If Modi is not in the field, then the BJP can defeat the elections badly.

With whom is the BJP ruling in Gujarat only
It can not be said that the Modi wave is still intact but the BJP’s foot in the urban areas is huge.

It can also be said clearly that there is a wave of anti-BJP wave in Gujarat. The trio of Congress and Gujarat (Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alappesh Thakor) has been riding on a anti-BJP wave in a way.

Now, how much does he get to roam it depends on what the Gujarat Voter will think at the last moment.

This is also a big question for the Congress that as an organization, it has weakened and will have to make it again. While the BJP cadre is big enough, there is a shortage in the Congress and it can also be difficult for him.

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