‘Many people can not see women working’


At 12 o’clock, songwriter Anwita Dutt writes, “Listen, I am still in a music session, can we talk tomorrow?”

Singer, songwriter and musician Sona Mohapatra does the night at 12.30 pm, “I am traveling for eighteen o’clock in the morning, I am sorry, I could not answer.”

And at 12 noon, the songwriter Kausar Munir, who reached the BBC’s studio, says, “I did not sleep last night in connection with a song, and at 5 o’clock in the morning, my eyes are open, I’m looking for some comfort and comfort.”

The messages of these three women are different but their words are obvious that they are immersed in the work, and the one thing that adds to them is that these three are ‘rare’ female lyricists in Bollywood.

The Bollywood or Hindi film industry has often been accused of being a male prince.

Hero gets more money than heroin, make-up can be grandfather, not a lady, there are few of the female film director Gin Chun, and if talk of female songwriters, then it can be counted on fingers.
In the 50s, names like Saroj Mohini Nayyar, Maya Govind, Jaddanbai, Rani Malik and nowadays, Anwita Dutt, Kausar Munir and Sona Mohapatra or Rashmi-Virg (Jodi) are seen in the 90’s, so what is the reason for the female lyricists? Not open?

While men associated with film music have different opinions, the female lyricists themselves do not think so, according to them the lack of women is not only in almost all areas of Bollywood.

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Woman lyricist Kausar Munir, who is known to speak to the BBC, says, “No, I can not say that Bollywood is patriarchal.” While writing no one like popular serial Jassi, director Vijaykrishnan Acharya wrote a song from his film ‘ At that time he was making a tashan film. ”
Kausar Munir
She said, “This opportunity got me because they saw that I am passionate about writing and also the ability to write. I have not played any gender card. Yes, I believe that people do not accept women in this role, they think we Just write part of girls, or we are doing this job amusing and our main task is to handle the house, which is also a common thinking. ”

The famous songwriter Jodi Jatin-Lalit’s Lalit Pandit says on this, “There is no double opinion that we have a lack of female lyricists, we have a few names, and if we leave the pair of Anwita, Kausar and Rashmi Virag, then no one The woman is not writing continuously. ”

Says Lalit, “Song music takes a long time, sometimes it gets night, it starts from morning till night, we have to stay out of the week, and the responsibility of the family of our family is so high that we It does not tolerate this pressure. ”

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Adding an example in the matter of Fine, Kausar says, “I have a 15-year-old daughter, I try that I should pack it in the morning in the morning. But then the work of musicians like Pritam starts at 12 o’clock, now You can either spend the night in the studio or at home. In Indian society, women have to perform more responsibilities, yes, there are difficulties for female lyricists. ”
Fine pundit
But in the case of the lyricists, Bollywood does not believe in patriotism, nor does Anwita, who writes songs of films such as Fine and Superb, Queen and Student of the Year, also favor Bollywood, “Saroj”, lyricists like Me, Kausar, Priya There were women like Mohini Nayyar, Maya Govind and they were because they were talented. ”

Anwyita says, “Today there are three places women in top 10 female songwriters could not have been in any male-dominated society. Whether a male songwriter or a woman, we call a director because we can write the song of that mood Are. ”
The song ‘Chhalia’ Anwita was filmed on Kareena Kapoor in ‘Tashan’, while another song written by Akshay and Kareena, ‘Falak Tak’ was written by Kausar and the title song ‘Tashan’ was written by Vishal Bharadwaj and Piyush Misra. .

Anwita says, “The authors and writers working in this field are friends with each other.” The blank paper is a difficult one for all of us, while battling, we make a second call, help each other and it is only in Bollywood. Possible because here people are open and are here from their talents, they feel quite safe, because they write, nobody else can write. ”

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He adds, “gender inequality is everywhere in the world and it can happen in the Indian film world but I do not see it like this, I am not a lyricist or a male songwriter for me who has to do my job. Assuming that there is inequality in this area, then you will not be able to move forward, if you trust yourself and you really have talent, then it does not matter if you are a man or a woman Received. You may proceed. ”

While keeping aside the views of Kausar and Anvita, the author Swanand Kirkire believes that women are delayed in getting their credit in Bollywood.

According to Swanand, “Many times when listening to a song written by a woman,

Many times when listening to a song written by a woman, it seems that perhaps it could not put a male in the Angle song. They give a new dimension to our songs. ”

Says Swanand, “The writers in Bollywood are able to objectify the matter, talk to the body, talk on the form, but they can talk about their thinking. Their shortness in Bollywood tells that they have a little bit of injustice It has happened ”
Sona Mohapatra
Giving Bollywood the name of Boys Club, songwriter and singer Sona Mohapatra says, “Women are not only oriented in almost every field. It is a woman and can do some specific work, this thinking is so deeply entrenched in our society. That you can not change it overnight. ”

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Giving examples of Bollywood, she says, “It is not that people prohibit the arrival of women here but there are many people who can not see women working in some areas. People will have to understand that women have many colors and They can work in every field. We have to give them freedom, which is still full of suffocation. ”
While supporting women’s independence, Kausar also says, “In Bollywood, you will be given talent in place, whether you are a man or a woman, but in society, there will be a lot to do for this now. Husband or colleagues will have to avoid giving them the title of Devi or Maid. ”

It is absolutely right that the ways of working in Bollywood are different and there is no time limit or rule restriction, so it is difficult to write songs with family responsibilities, but in the words of musician Anu Malik, “difficult So all the work is done, the person who makes the move through difficulties makes a place in Bollywood (Bollywood). ”

About 10 female lyricists are active in Bollywood, including Kausar Munir, Anwita Dutt, Priya Panchal, Sona Mohapatra, Shivani Kashyap, Rashmi Virag

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