Is Hardik Patel pulling more crowds than Narendra Modi’?

_99060150_c115f180-c5f7-4d5a-a774-4b4c5f728bf8.jpgThe first phase of voting in Gujarat will be held on 9th December. Election campaign is on the floor. Rally on rallies

But on one hand, while few people are reaching Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rallies, there is a lot of crowd to listen to Hardik Patel.

Rajkot journalist Kirti Singh Zala told that “On December 3, there was a rally in Prime Minister Modi’s Rajkot, which is the home district of Chief Minister Vijay Rupali. But there were not enough people in the rally that last week had reached Hardik Patel’s rally.

Modi challenging BJP in the fort
Empty chairs at Modi rally in Surat’s Kododara
People are coming to your expense
Zala was present in both of these rallies.

According to him, “He is coming to listen to spending his money coming to the heart of the rally, while the Bharatiya Janata Party has to facilitate people to come and visit so that people can come to the rally of Prime Minister Modi.”

Knowledgeable experts say that this is happening because the hearty people talk about issues that have a direct connection to the people.

Who created Hardik Patel as Patidar leader

Hardik Patel, Patidar agitation and four questions – BBC Hindi
Hardik Patel (file photo) with his mother Ushaben
25 km roadshow in Surat
Darling Desai, another senior journalist present at Hardik and Prime Minister Modi’s rally, says, “Hardik is talking about issues like farmers’ problems and unemployment, which is a direct involvement of the youth of the village because they think that in agriculture Not much profit and jobs are not available. So these people are supporting Hardik Patel. ”

“At the same time, people’s interest in Prime Minister Modi is ending. On one occasion, Modi had to change the place of his rally in South Gujarat. I have also seen PM Modi’s rallies in the past, in which there was a huge crowd, and now I see these rallies in which people are not reaching. ”

On Sunday, Hardik Patel made a big road show in Surat, which touches six assembly constituencies and then a rally in Surat’s Kiran Chowk.

Hardik Patel’s alleged CD, which was damaged?

Hardik Patel will create third front in Gujarat?
Hardik’s house was poster of his name, the woman of his family (file photo)
There was no place to stand on the streets
Surat’s senior journalist Faisal Buckyi told the BBC that “this road show of Hardik was 25 kilometers long, after which he organized a rally in Surat. Nobody did this before. There was no place to stand on the road. ”

“And on the same day ie Sunday, Prime Minister Modi also held a rally in Bharuch where chairs were lying vacant. This is all about knowing. The huge crowd in Hardik’s rally shows how much Patidar is angry with the BJP.

But the Bharatiya Janata Party does not feel that few people are reaching their rallies.

‘BJP in Gujarat is nowhere, if only Modi’

BJP refuses
Party spokesman Yamal Vyas said in the interaction with the BBC that “there is no match between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hardik Patel.”

Narendra Modi is the biggest leader of this country and we are satisfied with the number of people reaching his rally. This has made the party’s atmosphere very positive. ”

According to Yamal Vyas, instead of PM Modi’s rally in South Gujarat, it was replaced by security reasons.

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