Gujarat Ground Report- minor’s jeans and mustache is Rustiness

_99009401_e5b231f7-f355-404e-9f44-b275508d9f34.jpgKunal Maheriya, who lives only 20 kilometers away from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, does not consider these elections as important.

Kunal, who lives in Dalit Mohalla of Limbodar village, says that there is no improvement in the life of the dalits like him or the Congress of the BJP or the Congress in the state.

The story behind their saying is unfortunate.

One attack on Dalits after one attack in Gujarat

‘Dalit Kishor had fabricated a story about attack on mustache’

“That night I had left the house to meet one of my friends, that I heard the voice of the motorbike of Bharat Vaghela, who lived in Darbar Mohalla from a distance. I was walking on foot, but listening to the sound of his car, She started walking through the shore, she still came to me and gave me her bike up to me, and she took me away, she gave me abuses and said, “What do I consider myself to be?” Te also “speak how I dare him.

After saying this, the Kunal, sitting with his father, becomes silent in the pucca of two rooms. Then the mobile phones kept in their hands, in contrast to the uneasiness, began to stare at the floor by glancing down the eyes.

Conflicts with upper castes
After a while, in a shouting voice he adds, “I said again that I did not have any quarrel and I started trying to go my way but he did not believe me and raised my bike to the front. But I did not want to fight but when he got tied up in his bike and started abusing me with abuses, people standing there tried to save me but he He kept repeating my caste repeatedly and kept threatening to see. ”
The attack on Kunal was one of the three attacks on Dalit youth during September and October. In the case, a case has been filed against Bharat Vaghela in Kalol Police Station of taluka under section 323 IPC and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Kunal explains that the police came one day and explained to Bharata and his friends that they should not do this, nothing happened before him.

“After the incident, when I came home, my father took me to the hospital, when the government was in the hospital, after seeing the wounds of my back, the doctor said that the police would become a case, we filed a case but nothing happened. The police investigation is still going on. is”.

The incident related to the attack on Kunal was started on September 25 in Limbodar by attacks on Piyush Parmar and Dagan Mehrria. 21-year-old Piyush and 17-year-old Dagan went to the Garba Fair in the village.

“The people of Darbar Thakur of the village did not like to see their fair. Some boys of the court gave Piyush and Dagan as a dalit to keep a mustache, setting shirts in jeans and arranging for garba. The matter ended that day, but the next day the two boys of the court came and threatened Piyush and Dagan and said that they were courageous to answer him.
Kunal explains, “Dagan and Piyush filed an application in the village post but nothing happened. The boys of Durbar families were disturbed when they went to school and went to Piyush for a job. Dagan also did not have his eleventh exams properly. Then I got beaten up and after a few days, on October 3, on the back of Dagan, the blade was attacked. Then I thought that the next number is mine “.

Pressure to withdraw charges
Police case was registered after the attack on the back of Dagan, but just days after the incident, Dagan and his family withdrew the full responsibility of the attack and withdrew the complaint.

Kunal’s father Ramesh Bhai says that Dagan and Peyush were under pressure to withdraw all charges. “After the blade attack all were very scared and under pressure. Their families have now compromised, so now they do not talk to the media”.

Kunal says on Limbodara the reasons for these attacks on the Dalits: “Our family used to do the wages here in the village courts, but now all our jobs are done in the house, so now we do not do their wages. They look bad “.

Kunal’s father runs auto in Ramesh Gandhinagar while Kunal Telecom is an employee in Reliance-Geo.

“People of the court do not like to have our desires, we do not like to wear jeans and shirts, they do not like to earn a living from our comfort and stay in this small house. They feel bad about this matter that we now have their slavery Is closed “.

In protest against these racial attacks on the Dalit youth of Limbodar, “I too started a dalit” campaign on social media with a hashtag like “in support of casteism and in support of victims”. Under this campaign, Dalit youth from all over the country started posting their photos on social media with mustaches.
Piyush Parmar
social media
On social media, Kunal says, “The support which I received on social media is very important and I got courage, but still I have to live my life everyday for myself. No one comes to the social media from me Ask me how will I go to the office alone today? There will not be any one to kill me anywhere in the street? Nobody comes and no one asks anything. I go to the fearful office every day. ”

The September 29 incident has destroyed Kunal in the inner. Recalling the time after the incident, he explains, “I went into depression. At all times it was sad. My whole confidence was over. At that time I had some examinations, which I had not been able to prepare properly. Next month Diwali was but we did not burn. Sadness was spread throughout the house as if someone had died “.

He explains that his life changed, “I used to go for 5 km every morning, but now I do not go any longer. Even if the night is too late by 9 o’clock, my mother and father’s breath starts to stop. I am also afraid to go to office. I have to live like a prisoner of fear in my own village. ”
There is no concern about this Dalit youth from the Gujarat elections. But when Jignesh Mewani is named after this, he goes on to say, “Jignesh Bhai helped us very much, his phone came to me.” He said on the phone that I should not be afraid and he is with me. And there is no hope for the election.

There is a BJP government in the state and the legislators in our village have won from Congress ticket. But none of the two came forward to help us. That is why I have become convinced that there is no hearing in the country of Dalits and in these elections “.

The population of Dalits in Gujarat is seven percent but they have not yet been able to form a political pressure group.

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