Gujarat elections: Muslim candidates who won

_99256112_gettyimages-158056398In Gujarat assembly elections, a total of four Muslim candidates have won. Two Muslim candidates had reached the assembly in the last election.

All the candidates who are winning are from the Congress. The Congress party had fielded 6 Muslim candidates in the field. The Muslim population in Gujarat is 9.67 percent.

Muslims disappear from the BJP’s list of candidates Not only this, there was no talk of the issue of Muslims in this election.

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Muslim candidates who won:
Congress candidate from Dariyapur Sheikh Gahasudin has won. He got a total of 63712 votes. At the same time, Bharat Barot of BJP got 57525 votes.
Warkaner has won the election from the seat of the Peerzada Mohammed Javed Abdul Mutalib of the Congress. They got 7,2588 votes. At the same time, BJP’s Jitendra Kantilal Komani got 71227 votes.
Solanki Naushadaji Balajibhai has won the winner from Dasda. He got 74009 votes. In this area BJP’s Ramlal Ishwarlal Vora got 70281 votes.
Imran Yusuf Bhai from Jamalpur Khadiya got 75346 votes. At the same time, BJP’s Bhushan Ashok Bhatt got 46007 votes.
How is history
If the elections are held from 1990 till now, the Muslims in the Assembly have only been able to reach. In 1990, where two Muslim candidates waved the victory of victory.

At the same time, one in 1995, five in 1998, three in 2002, five in 2007 and two Muslim candidates in 2012 were able to reach the assembly.

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There are 21 assembly constituencies in Gujarat where the Muslim population is 20 percent. According to a survey of CSDS, 80 percent of the Muslim population voters vote for the Congress

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