Ground Report: Why is the village being said to the death of three minors, ‘Mini Pakistan


In the largest districts of Rajasthan, a village located about 100 kilometers from the district headquarters of Barmer is Sarupa’s lake. On the morning of April 13, the village suddenly came to the headlines, when two minor girls and a Muslim boy from the same family of the village were found hanged from a tree outside the village.

The girls were from a dalit family of the village itself. According to the police, his age was 12 years and 13 years, while Boyaka was from a Sindhi Muslim family of the village. According to the police, the boy was 17 years old.

The local Binjad police station filed the case as suicide in the presence of family members, but now the girl’s family is saying that the girls have been murdered.

The child told the story of sexual harassment by returning home from school

Police sign blank paper

On April 17, four days after the incident, Bhairom saw sitting near Meghwal’s hut with ten to twelve people. The children who were found hanged from the tree, their daughter is one, while the other girl is the daughter of his brother Kishanaram.

Bhairaram Meghwal said, “We were sleeping till 10-11 o’clock on the night of 12th April, after which no one could take away his daughter from anybody, or anybody took them away. We killed the police But they had signed the plain paper, now we have come to know that they have made a case of suicide. ”
Father of the deceased girls Bhairom Meghwal and Kishan Ram Meghwal
How did the two girls reach the cottage from the cottage (which is one kilometer away from their cottage)?

In response to this question, he says, “We were in a sleep, that boy would have taken them both.”

Meghwal family has a cottage in the name of the house, inside which there is a lack of even the slightest things needed to run life. The mothers of both the daughters are also sitting with some women from the village.

Daughters have lost the face on face. It seems that they have lost their sense of well-being but when the mention of daughters starts crying, they start crying. She says that the hand-to-the-door work went away.
Mothers moaning at her daughter’s house
Going inside the cottage, they show off their daughter’s old clothes and seem like Saske. These families having daily wages have these minor things as a sign of their daughters.

Parents have ‘money for the daughter’s rapist’ because …

What was the love between the girl-boy?
Did the girl’s boy know beforehand or had a love affair?

In response to this question, Bhairaram Meghwal denies this altogether, although he surely says that the deceased boy continued to flirt with not only his daughters but also the other girls of the village.

They repeatedly reiterate that their daughters had to be flirted while coming out of the tubewell.
His mother showing dressed dead girls
However, many people in the village say that the Muslim boy was a mutual friend of those girls who had a Panchayat in the village even a year ago.

Sarpanch friend Mohammed of the village says, “We had told the Panchayat that both of them had told the girl that you took possession of your house and told the boy’s family that such complaints should not come.”

About that panchayat, the girl’s father says that he had called this panchayat after being troubled by the Muslim boy’s molestation.

Why India’s blood does not eat on rap incidents

Son’s wrong

Well, in this case, both girls knew the boy, that is the basic reason to believe that Meghwal’s family wages the contract of farming in the same Muslim family and his cottage is in the farm of the Muslim family.

The house of the Muslim family is in the middle of the Meghwal family’s cottage and the tree which was found hanging from the three laps. Kasam Khan also cultivates farming. He got information from the police about hanging on his elder son’s tree.
The trees where the bodies of these three minors were found hanging.
In his house there is a closet and two-four huts. Many people outside the Muslim community are sitting According to Kasam Khan, his son did not do any business and lived in the village, but he says that the son was compatible with the wrong boys.

The girl’s family is also talking about the role of another boy in this matter, about which Kasam Khan also says that his son lived with the boy only day and night.

However, the police has also interrogated that boy in custody.

Who has benefited from the state of Kathua rape case

According to police, case of love affair
But DSP Surendra Kumar Prajapat of the Chauhan subdivision says, “The boy also interrogated but the evidence of his involvement has not been found.” The deceased boy had a mutual relationship with both girls, which was similar to the love affair, which lasted two and a half years Was running from. ”

Poverty and illiteracy are high in the border villages adjacent to these Indo-Pak borders of Barmer district.

Prem Dana, senior local correspondent of the area, says, “You can see this one as a culture that flourishes in the border villages, Muslim families in the area have a little money and the poor Dalits do not have anything, so girls are Muslims Boys are attracted to the attraction. ”

Muslim in a powerful position
Actually, these border villages of Barmer are dominated by Sindhi Muslims, their population is more than two-thirds of the total population of the area, those people have land and work also. Of course, boys of Muslim families have motorbikes, there are money to wear fashionable clothes and shoes.

DSP Surinder Kumar Prajapat of the area says, “Actually, in these areas, the Dalits pay wages in the fields of the Muslims, so they have to go to each other’s homes.” Dalit girls live their lives in the absence, By spending a lot of money, they take up the relationship with them, such cases are also coming. ”
Khasam Khan, father of deceased boy
If this thing is common in the locality then what is the matter with which all three had to hang from the tree.

About this, Police Officer Surendra Prajapat says, “In fact, Bhairaram Meghwal had fixed the marriage of his girl, was going to be married on April 18th, this could be a reason, all of which have taken this step.”

How does khatua and Unnaan differ from the rest of the cases?

UP in gangrape, MP at rap

Signs of suicide in early investigations
But now, Meghwal’s family is worried that his daughters have been murdered and the police is not investigating their case properly. However, the local police say that they are investigating the matter accurately.

The local police claim that the videography of the accident site, it shows only that there were only three people’s footprint. The boy was wearing a brand new shoe while the girl’s sandal was also new. According to the police, none of the money was found from these three people. The mobile phone was recovered from the boy’s pocket.

Now the police is also claiming that soon after the boy’s call details, the mobile number will be detected by the girls.

However, Bhairaram Meghwal has said that his daughters never had a mobile phone.

The aspect of hate among Hindus and Muslims
DSP Surendra Kumar Prajapat says, “This is a case of suicides by the evidence found so far, if the girl’s family comes to complain with some new evidence, then we will see it again.”
There is also a question as to whether the incident is being tried to give the color of communalism by Hindu versus Muslim, India versus Pakistan.

One reason for this is that the activation of the National Self-Service Association has suddenly increased in the village. The people of the Sangh have gone to the Dalit family and have met immediately.

In Barmer, an official associated with the RSS, Swaroop Singh Khada belongs to the family.

They said, “We have to believe that the boys of Muslims trap girls of our Dalit Hinds. In the last few years such cases are increasing, we have met the family and said that we will help you in getting justice. ”

There are also people in the area who according to which the Dalit family is raising the issue in the hope of getting the morale of the union’s activism and compensation from the government.

The activism of the Sangh also implies that in the Sarupa Tal, Dalit Hindus have strongly opposed the Muslims.

Asifa rape case boils in Jammu and Kashmir

‘Our village has become a mini-Pakistan’
An elderly woman sitting outside the shack of Bhairaram Meghwal said, “Our village has become a mini-Pakistan, in which a large gang is working, who is fighting a fight with the Hindus on the day and ready to give testimony against them and these people. does not happen.”

However, most of the population in the village belongs to Muslims and most of them have believed that this was a ‘matter of love’. The father of the deceased boy Kasam Khan says, “I have been a boy, two girls of Dalits have gone, I am more sorry for that family.”
In Jaisalmer-Barmer, Union’s head of the division, Shyam Singh, explains, “In this incident, there is a murder or suicide, this is a matter of police investigation, but we have to say why they have to endure the Hindus’ girls.”

However, BJP will be very beneficial at the local level by the activism of the Sangh, it is not because the current legislator of Chauhattan assembly Tarun Roy Kaga himself is Meghwal and is a BJP legislator.

According to Tarun Rai, such cases are becoming commonplace in the border areas and many of these cases are suppressed by the agreements at the local Panchayat level.

There is also a complaint from the Dalit family that MLA too is Meghwal but they have not received help in this matter, although Tarun Rai Kaga has said that he has asked the police to conduct an impartial investigation in this matter.

One of the toughest of Tarun Rai Kaga is that their constituency is a Muslim-dominated safe assembly and they can not win the elections without Muslim votes. This is the reason that at the local level, Congress has not even noticed this issue.

Despite all this, the temperature of Thaapur Village of Sarupe, 42-43 degree Celsius of Barmer, has surely gone a bit

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