Ran Girls : This girl made ‘Part Freedom Fighter’ from home for dance

_94816691_gettyimages-468256112.jpgGirls out of the house have changed a lot.

This story belongs to a girl who does not come out of love or love for the house. He came out of the house to learn Kuchipudi dance by bending the knees in the legs.

The series – ‘Bhagiya Girls’, you have read the story of Vibhavari, Shivani, Geeta, Nazmin and Shabana. Today’s turn is the sixth installment.

I liked to dance only to small In addition to studying in school, he was very active in programs related to dance, drama and music.

Because of this, the teachers became fanciful. But the parents were unhappy that their daughter was not able to become a ‘bookboy worm’.
I liked dance form kuchipudi very much As the day began to grow, the desire to be perfect in Kuchipudi dance began to shine in the eyes.

Mother, Papa said, “Meditate in studies.” What will happen with learning to dance? “Childhood ran out of mind from Kuchipudi towards sport. When the athletes asked for training, at home, this time too, the same thing was found in the ‘study’ meditation.

In the crime to challenge the street boys in the cycle race, Papa sold it to my bicycle. Papa then did not have a line like ‘Mahabir Fogat’ of the movie ‘Dangle’, ‘There is less than’ Mare Chori Chhorion Ke Kai ‘.

Even when the college reached, my mind did not even end up with studies. Perhaps the first big lie at home. It is important to take part in extracurricular activity in college. Through the guise of this excuse, a number of drama plays in college drama circle throughout the year.
Due to the dramas, it started delaying home. In the wake of the friendship with boys, the absence of Thier was released. With the same old line – just focus on studies.

After taking this decree, after some time, he took part in the plays. Explaining to the mind that when you start your job, then you will be able to do your job.

Then slowly, the illusion continued to break, because in which I saw my happiness. I could find myself, my family would not find happiness in my own house nor my definition of ‘good house girl’.

What can not fulfill the desires of their own, how do they get to know the “good girls of the house”?
Dancing, theater, budding home studies, playing college trips, teaching at the NGO When you want to do all these work, you get the answer, “Do not waste time. Marriage with the best boy was made to my destination after the completion of the college and the completion of the college.

Parents were not wrong either. On most occasions, a middle class is able to think enough about family daughters. Our society is probably the most needed of parenting awareness.

But it would be a pity that the parents who gave birth and raised children did not understand their daughter. He did not understand that I too became a flesh flesh. I can think differently. I can also love someone.

Able to steal home, created a capable theater group with a friend, where we do theater with everyone. The dreams of my childhood began to come true. In the meanwhile, my close friends started growing with a friend. Referring to the house, this time again, there was a refusal.

Then, on a daily basis, marriage began to run rigidly. That day was the last day at my house. For the false pride of the family, I did not approve of going out of a jail and going to another unknown jail. I did not have to make my identity known as a person’s wife.
The stage of mixing the horoscopes with boys started and I was locked in my own house. It was Venus that used to teach the school, so the breath was mixed.

The mind and the soul had fled from the house of when. The body was also ready to leave the house. The dreams that are being pressed from infancy start rebelling.

The courage to come out of the house was to get rid of love and freedom.
From school to school, I used to take papa. One morning turned out to refuse to stop taking that today. Through the lawyer, I had already made an ad in the newspaper quietly that I have nothing to do with homeless people.

That evening I did not return home. Many phones were coming. Dare not lift But he could not even bowl his suppression.

I did not leave home to get my love for that day.

I just got out for myself.

Today that sentence has been a year. After ten years of watching the dream, I am now learning kachipudi with young children. I dare dance I’m happy.

The memory of the family comes to mind. Many times it seems that this was not the only way. But no one has even telephoned from home till today. Didi once phoned and asked- Did you get married or not? But I did not get out of the house for marriage.

Our parents are right but they are correct every time, it is not necessary. If you do not get independence then you should become a ‘freedom fighter’. To get out of dreams, you should leave home.

If someone says ‘Run away from home’ to say this, keep saying.
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