Ran Girls : Story of Nisha becoming part by ‘Nazim’s house’

_94728335_gettyimages-615379370.jpgThere will be more girls who will run in the month of March.

The ‘participated girl’ often leaves not only the house but also its name, relationships and religion behind.

This is the story of Nazameen, which came out of the house to get his love in such a situation and time, when a period of Hindu-Muslim riots had passed in a sub-continent of the country.

The year was after 2002 and Nazmine had a love affair with the Hindu boy Ankit Sharma.

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I am telling my story here. It is a proof that I am still not free from the tag of ‘escape’.

Abbas said to the girls of others, “The girl of the fruit ran away nose. The boy was not even of the fraternity. ”

I was about to give a tough blow to Abba, who was a fracture when the brother was not a boy.

We used to live in a small area of ​​Jaipur. Abba used to do white wash in people’s houses. I was the eldest of six siblings.
Ankit met during the school after doing a technical course. Then, like the films, we both have never known when I love them.

During these visits, our religion has never been rooted. Despite being different from each other, we have not been able to stop lovingly. Do not worry about what will happen tomorrow.

Ammi was my friend When I told Ami her first time, “I love someone,” she was happy. But after listening to the name of my love affair, Ammi’s happiness faded within a few moments. ”

Ammi did not accept it for the first time. The quote is, “Is the idea of ​​your younger siblings? Abba will not tolerate at all. How can you think like this Tell me, do not tell anyone else. ”

Even though I did not say anything to Abba, but myself had told me that this decision will not change now.

Ankit also explained to Ami many times, but there was no difference. After completing the course, I started working. It was known that Abba would never accept it.

Then losing a daily I had to leave my house, a new house and for my love.

That night I did not return home for the first time. Of course all of them will be upset. Abba will be hiding the problem of anger. This thought was going to dominate me. So I called home.

That was my first most dangerous phone call in my life.
Ankit requested Abbas and Ammi to call on the phone. After we looted lakhs, Abbas finally met us a few days later.

We told Abba-Ami about my marriage.
Abba said, “You have died for me today. Never show your face Have you taken this advantage of my freedom? ”

I could not say anything Be quiet That was my last meeting with Abba.
Now the war was to be fought in another house. Ankit was also the eldest of the siblings. Ankit’s family also got a lot of anger But the one on the face was stuck like me. Slowly everyone adopted me in the in-laws’ house.

Ankit brought me the Qur’an Sharif. He said – like you have been worshiping till now, keep doing the same.

I remember one thing even today, then the mind becomes happy.
But the fact is that I began to mold myself in the family with a smiling face. I do not read prayers now. The meat has stopped eating. My name is no longer Nazim, Nisha.

All Nisha or Bhabhi speak in the in-laws’ house only. Eid shopping and keeping complete arrangements for sweet. All the worship that is done in the house, I am part of it.

There is no pressure on me for these things. Just got all gone. These decisions have been made for myself, I have decided to get out of the house and get married to Ankita.
I am glad that life has made me some decisions which are still being played.

However, there are also some pity. Especially when the second most dangerous phone call came in my life. A phone call waiting for Abbas.

I could not even go to. Ammi has forbidden that relative people have come, do not make trouble by coming to this sad hour for God for this God.

After leaving Abba, only once could go home in the darkness of the night. My home, from where I came out to fulfill my wish.

And a girl who had become a partner for many people.
(All the characters of this true story and the name of the city have been changed.)

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