Ran Girls : ‘Race of the race continued to chase love’


Home chains

How much more are visible

When a girl rises from home ‘

When girls came out to meet their wishes from home, on most occasions, ‘girls participating’ were called.

The poem is also a poem of ‘Aakoddhnwha’. Before being written and after writing, many girls do not know.

new series- ‘Taken Girls’. By this name of the series, we mean instead of the literal meaning of the challenge, which these girls gave to society when they were called ‘the girls who had participated’. Those girls had dreams in their minds, they could not stop the restrictions of the houses. These girls just listened to the heart. The next story, their words …
Division with Piyanvad
In a society where marriage is believed to be the success of love. After marriage, denial of religion, caste and class, the next stage of the struggles of love.

Through marriage, trying to put love in a certain kind of mold, this struggle is constantly complicated.

The stories of grandmother-grandmother and totally different from the ‘… and they stay happily ever after’, when in real life love … transforms into marriage, not only brings the expectations of two families together but also those two lovers. Attempts to establish identity in a common space with each other or away, also influence this marital relationship in various ways.

At the same time, there is also a stop for the marriage, the journey of our love.

In these circumstances, on the one hand, the happiness of finding a partner of your choice as a partner in life, while the happiness of the partner’s family is unhappy with this relationship emerges as a challenge.

In the case of both of us, ‘caste’ has emerged as a truth, which can not be ignored. Marriage after one party’s resentment was itself a major emotional challenge.

After a few years of our marriage, when my brother-in-law’s relationship with Priyadwad’s family came to normal, my ‘ghost of caste’ continued to follow our relationship and is probably doing it till date.
It has been achieved that the relationship between me and Piyanvad’s families can not be established till today, whose hopes the society does.

I remember an incident that happened to me when I first went to Piyanvad’s house.

Three years after the marriage, we both went to Piyanvad’s house for the first time. So the people were coming to meet us both, and especially to meet me. A gentleman, who was a friend of his father and came to meet us and asked me about my family and Native Place. Before I give a few replies, Dad said, “They are from Allahabad and they have studied from the same place.”

He knew very well that I am from Gorakhpur and after my schooling, I studied and wrote from Allahabad University and JNU. Despite this, it was his pointing to my native place, Allahabad, pointing to the fact that he was not interested in revealing my identity because the person was also from Gorakhpur. And on the right answer, my complete identity, including caste, was threatened with being revealed to them.
Epic poem of Alokdhanva
It was a very small matter, it was a very small matter, which would have been very easy to forget by understanding ‘I am gone’ but love is related to love in a sense that it gives equal opportunity and if not, then it should be given.

When we are in love then we are with our whole existence or our whole personality.

Are with their positives and negatives, so any such thing that hurts the equality of this relationship. He is not really respecting this love and he has to oppose it. Regardless of this I have not been able to oppose it at that time and till date.

While writing on this subject today, it is a reminder of childhood that while being a part of the Purvanchali society asking the caste on the matter, my childhood used to deny its caste by thinking that my caste in society was lowest Status is found.
When asked about Papa, he said that it is wrong to hide his identity or caste. Whenever someone asks with full confidence tell me that I am a kind of race!

Growing up, it became evident that in the formation of a person’s identity, his caste, religion, gender, race, etc. would definitely be the contribution but all these are part of the given identity given to the person and the real identity of man is that which he Earns itself.

But by this sentence I realized that my earned identity ie my education, my profession was ineffective and my caste was my identity.

Therefore, our marriage was opposed and despite the acceptance of it, the fear of being aware of my caste identity continued to reach me from all the ways.

Mislegating the name of my native city was the result of this fear.

Today, while writing this write-up I was given the option to change the name. But I have a deep faith in the fact that the courage to speak your truth with your identity may hurt you for some time, but in the long run, you are protected from being victimized by guilt.

So, I am writing this write-up with my name and identity. And just about love, that is a struggle, one’s opponent is a society, and sometimes you yourself!


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