Ran Girls : ‘I left the father’s wealth for a poor boy’


Is there any girl for you? ‘

Story of a girl from Haryana. Who is still sticking to the eyes of society and family, because in the eyes of those people, she is still a girl who has taken part.

Series  – In the first installment of the ‘girls participating’, you read the story of Vibhavari.

Today is the turn of the second installment. The story ahead, the girl’s reply
In those days, I used to say in college that I can do anything, but I can not do it. Love for many girls like Mary is only a beginning.

College came from Haryana Roadways. At the same time, Ravi met. When these visits did not change when I went to love. When love is fresh, then who is worried about what will happen at the next turn, just like the river has to flow.

My father often resided abroad in connection with the job. In the category of wealthy people who have remained in society, our family was wealthy and Ravi’s family was poor. Ravi’s job did not last long. Here my father used to say to his mother, “I will marry my daughter Shivani, that the entire village will not have seen.”

Mommy often told Tokkar, “Do not disturb this little girl. If there is a marriage in a poor house, it will not move on. “Papa laughs,” Why will my daughter go to the poor house? Daughter will send a lot of money to the dam.

Everything was going well, my uncle got to know about Ravi and me. I courageously told Papa that Ravi is also a Yadav like us. They also agreed to marry But I do not know why he suddenly forgot the promise made to his own daughter and returned to the country.

Meanwhile the uncle started beating my ass. Beating in front of uncle uncle. Turning the current to scare Mummy looked bad, but she did not say anything. Ravi also came to my house to talk to his family, but uncle clarified, “Chhori will kill him, but he will not marry your house.”
Epic poem of Alokdhanva
Uncle had once mixed it with poison to the poison. But I did not have to die in my fate. If I survived, Papa came home with a vacation and discovered the boy for me and started talking about engagement. I removed the number from somewhere and told the guys that I liked something else. I said that the relationship between both of these lines and my phone have left me.

Housewives burned my documents. Ravi’s father said, ‘Son, do you complain in the police, else we will handle it.’ But how did I get out of the house?

But one night, with the help of Ravi’s friend, I left the house at night.

Epic poem of Alokdhanva
Found the sun at the fixed place. Police remained in custody for several days. Relay the relatives here Meanwhile, Ravi’s family members were also threatened. But the matter gradually cooled down. We both got married in Arya Samaj Temple.

Papa, you said right. The whole village has never seen such a marriage.
Ravi still does not do any job anywhere. She now handles the farm. Even though I was from a rich house, the house was bigger but now I have learned to adjust here.

After two and a half years, pregnant women with difficulty have stuck. Look forward now.
Many times I wonder how it all happened. So just some bitter and sweet memories come in front of the eyes.

No one comes to meet me from my house now. When the grandmother came to meet the bus for a few days before the death, she used to tell that the mother remembered and cried. Mother-father-in-law pamper all but fear that I will not change the statement. Ravi’s family members gave us a lot of love.

Once asked to her father-in-law, “Papa, where did the courage to buy such a threat for a deserving girl come from?”

In response, Papaji said, “When your uncle said that he will kill with life but will not get married. Only then did I think. I do not want to die. ”

And I did not even die.
(The names of all the characters and places in this true story are changed.)

The story of the Vibhavari you read in the first installment

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