Ran Girls : ‘she does not ran for a love, neither from marriage, but ran’


If a girl rises, then it is not always necessary that a boy will run away. ‘

This story belongs to such a girl, who has not been with any boy because of love. He participated, because he had to study his mind.

You have read the story of Shivani in Vibhavari and the second installment in the first installment in the girls ‘participation girls’ series .

These two girls came out of love in the house. Today the story of the girl in the third installment, which was not the reason for fleeing from home.

Geeta Surath
The school always had first or second position in the school. The teachers of the school did not forget to meet with Papa.

Papa does not blossom happily. They wanted me to do medical studies. They think that if the son is doing MBBS then the daughter will also do it.

After the education of the fifth in the village, the second village had to be read. If there were good numbers in the tenth class, the expectation of the father increased. Dad thought that now both the boy and the girl will become doctors.

There were no subjects required to go to medical school in the 11th in the village school. That’s why my father was given admission in a private English medium school in Gurgaon. Filling the fees was difficult for Papa. Papa paid the school fees by cutting home expenses
Come to the city school and know how big the world is. Talking about all the prominent English.

English teachers of our school also did not speak. Girls’ school dresses look like a small skirt dream. And on the contrary, I became the center of the joke of Tom Boy Type, long skirts, stiff shirts, and everyone who speaks Hindi.

The village tag was found
It was about to do everything by putting a tuition in English that the practical class of biology had come.

Seeing a lizard in the room, the girl carrying the head on the head started cutting lizards. This fear became fever. Did not go to school for many days

Just then, the real illness came on the sickbed disease. Going to school is very close. The fees from above continued to go. Due to such expensive fees, the pressure of Papa began to increase.

After losing one year, took admission in non-medical subject course in the village’s school. Explain the relative and neighboring father, marry 10, marry, it is not good to spend so much money on daughter. Dad does not listen to anyone, just read it – do something, this was the tune. Then Papa got admission in Kurukshetra University campus in BSc.

I went to the hostel. The first time went out of the house. For the first time eaten sambhar. Things to talk with girls till late night. For the first time boys and their choices, things about love.
It was all like a new world tour. I got plenty of freedom, I was very much in those days Just did everything except studies The village girl became urbanized.

After a few months he went home and said, “Papa does not do BSc. I do not mind I have to study journalism.
Papa asked, “He does not become a journalist, nor a job in newspapers. There will also be a place to move. It means that many places will have to go alone. No, this time you will not do it. ”

Papa told Mom, Didi-Jija, Uncle, “It’s a bad idea. Prior to leaving medical studies, now you have to leave the BSc. Either read it here or sit at home. The boy is looking for marriage. So much happened You do not read. ”

Then the boy started to be searched. Everyone in the house stopped talking to me. And every day I think – how to escape from here What to do Where did the money come from, then where will the money come from? A variety of questions Then filled the journalism form from Delhi University. But could not qualify in the interview.

I knew a boy doing journalism. While going to Kurukshetra, he met on the bus stand of Kashmiri Gate. His name is remembered. She started looking for a way to meet him.

His meeting with him was a turning point of my life. That boy was from Kanpur. Journalism was done by a private institute of Noida. Contacted him in some way, told everything. It was not so intelligent that one should tell such a thing directly or not. That boy said – Do not worry, I’ll help you.

I gave that boy the landline number of the neighborhood aunt’s house. If the phone arrives at your home landline, then the wife immediately fixes the marriage. Then one day her call came and she said, “There is good news. For the first time journalism course has come to Faridabad College. If the government is then the fee will be low. Looks like God has listened to you. Just quote four thousand rupees. ”
I did not have so much money. That boy filled my form with my money. I just went to Faridabad to sign. In the meantime, Sister continued to celebrate Jija.

Losing every day, I got out of the house.
By courage, I reached the boy. This was the second time when I went to Gurgaon to Faridabad. Well, that boy had told me his address in conversation. He continued to pray to God. The boy got into the flat stairs with his roommate and I was just shocked.

He said, “What are you doing here? When did you come How-with whom?

In response I said, “I do not want to get married. Just have to read. Please help me I have run away from home. Now I do not have to go home. Here I will sleep in the corner of your room. I will do all the work of the house.

The boy started to explain to me,

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