Four women showing ‘Real Gujarat’


In this series we have four female bikers with four bullets on their bullets in different districts and today is the fourth day of this journey.

When I first talked to these bikers, I came to know only one thing that this is Gujarat! Progressive, ambitious who is determining his story on his own terms.

During the journey, we are coming to you with these stories everyday.

However, meet these Rockstar women who run bullets every day with us every day from one village to another and bring the voice of the rural women to you.

Twinkle kapdi
The 32-year-old twinkle is an entrepreneur besides being a biker and solo traveler. From the age of 15, they alone go out on their own in different corners of the world by lifting their stand.

They have traveled 65 thousand kilometers on their bullets. Bullets, which are so sweet that they have named him ‘Benzene’ with love.

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Twinkle says that it is like a nomad, which is more beautiful than the destination. In the last five years, he has traveled all over India on his bullet.

From the Himalayas to the Western Ghats and from Gujarat to the Northeast, their lives revolve around the bullet. They go out alone with this bullet and connect different cultures and people in different states.

They make new friends wherever they go and they have thousands of beautiful stories about them! They have special interest in issues related to women and they believe that due to lack of education girls do not realize their rights.

Linsey michel

Linsey is 41 years old and Yamaha roams on India’s streets on FZ16. The journey is their passion because they have the curiosity to know all the colors of the world in depth.

Linsi is said to speak only in short words, but they do not have much time in mixing with people. They started the journey because they wanted to get out of the corruption of the corporate world.

How much change has changed since 2002?

They say that they were successful in their job, but their soul could never find fulfillment that they were always looking for. Then one day just suddenly he decided that if his dreams can not get the wings, then what happened, they can get the wheels!

Just since that day, Lyncy did not look back and did 30 miles [30 km] of his bike while doing his Armaan Safari.

Consultant’s job in the process management process, when Linsi, who describes herself as a ‘modern banker’, does not go on tour. He found his self-esteem back, through biking and his satisfaction on his face.

Shloka Doshi

His talk shows that he is a common Indian 22 year old, but when he deposits his control on the bullet and runs it fast, the image changes rapidly.


They are born in Gujarat where children are born …
They told that they were not found in a protective environment like ordinary girls. His parents gave him full freedom to listen to his heart and heart. In the 16-year-old Umar, he used to bullet for the first time and he got his tears.

When his dad made this notice, he bought him a bullet on his 18th birthday. Remembering that day, the smile of Shloka’s face becomes dual! So far on his bullet, he has traveled 16 thousand kilometers in Diu, Gujarat, Surat, Mumbai, Goa, Silvassa and Vadodara.

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His dream is to go to Ladakh with his bullet, which is considered one of the world’s most dangerous riders. Their eyes shine when they talk about Ladakh – ‘Maybe my life will stop that day when I will reach Ladakh.’

Monika Aswani
42-year-old Monica is a teacher in Kutch who is riding on a bullet for 29 years and her experience is clearly reflected in her riding.

There are teachers from the profession and the degree of civil engineering is also taken. They are counseling women who have been victims of domestic violence.


The people of Gujarat talk about ‘mind’
He never let the responsibility of his job come against his riding. Just when you do, you get out of the bullet. Everyone gets his fanatic attitude.


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