Blog: We need a bad news to get relief

_100889447_india.jpgJust like the roof, nutrition, food, education, health, employment and happiness, in the same way my compassion, pain, bigotry and consciousness in my heart also needs to be seen, to show itself and to take out a tragedy.

Such tragedy that sometimes shakes me from inside and I can find happiness that the humanity inside me is still alive.

I need a bad news I need a dead body or a picture or a story in blood so that my grief can be seen in the eyes of tears through eyes, and my soul will be lightened for some time.

Nugs humanity …
I want to be a tyrant which I can hate, I also want a maslum which I can put myself in the hinges and make myself happy that if I was present there then this injustice would not let this injustice happen.

I find a tragic event that is far away from my neighborhood, city or country, because it is easier to denounce, shouting and praying for justice.

For example, I do not like the zombies of a farmer who is afflicted by debt, hanging from fan, and the farmer who committed suicide, because he disarms my humanity.

With a heavy heart …
But a picture of the dead body of the two-year-old Syrian refugee Alan Al-Qurdi, who died in a dead condition on Turkey’s coastal coast, I can happily say with my children how much I love you.

I am sad about Malala Yusufzai, who died almost near the hands of the Taliban, but is not sad that the 16 year old Palestinian girl, who was slapping a Israeli soldier, is suffering from punishment by hanging in a locked room on Ah Tamimi.

I have no doubt about the innocence of Mashal Khan, who died in the Maradan University at the hands of the crowd, in the light of the insults of religion.

But if this torch mine was killed by the Hindu extremists at a railway station in Haryana, then my grief doubled and given happiness.
Seven-year-old Zainab was killed in the murder
The same character should be …
I am shocked like millions of people and people on the oppression of Bakkarwal girl of Jammu.

But it is also leisurely that let’s just go with that child, my baby is a fish.

But we can think of such a thing that if Malala, Alan al-Qurdi or Ah Tamimi would have been my child or child then?

If you start thinking like this, then the Nizam will not start right? Will the earth not become tight for oppression? But why think such a thing?

We should have such a character to keep our funiness and to be happy, to be happy …

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