#Badtouch: ‘Uncle loved by all but I do not …’


Uncle often came to our house. They were very cheerful and agreeable. Ever adding orange for children and never bakery biscuit. Everyone loved them very much, but I did not like them.

‘He took me in the lap and tried to kiss me. My rough beard starts rubbing on my face and I do not take it off the dock until I hit them with a slip of emphasis, do not put nails on me. ‘

The 23-year-old Rachita is filled with hatred and anger while talking about these things. The accident happened to them when she was seven to eight years old.

‘Closer are criminals’
In cases of sexual abuse, a large part is where the culprit is close to the victim. In such circumstances, the complaint of the crime is not easily done and neither is the judgment or the decision.

But is the complaint really so difficult or the hearing is so difficult? What will happen to the woman whose own persecution is her? Where in this situation? Whom to ask for help?

Keeping these questions in mind, BBC Hindi is going to launch a special series. During this time, women and girls will share their experiences. Along with this, we will highlight the legal rights of women and the help they can get, illuminating all issues related to it.

In the coming days, you will be able to read more horrifying reports on our website ‘www.bbchindi.com’.

In the first episode of this series, you are the face of Rachita (name changed).

Rachita explains, “After a while, I told my mother, hesitant, and I said that the proud uncle scours his beard on my face, then I feel very bad. Mummy asked, did not do anything else? Shaken. ”

She says, “From that day onwards, she did not allow Gaurav Chacha to reach me, when she came, she used to sit in another room and asked if I was studying or playing.”

She has almost forgotten this thing now, but whenever she learns sexual harassment or similar words, these things are sure to come up in Zeenan.

This story is not about Rachita alone. Considering the statistics, most cases of sexual harassment are such where the offender is either a member of the victim’s family or a relative or someone who knows it.

Though Rachita was happy that his family members understood his point, but such help and sympathy were available to very few people.
Statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau show that in year 2015, a total of 3,27,394 cases of crime against women were registered. There were 34,651 cases of rape, and in 33,098 cases the culprit was known to the victim.

“We have seen cases where the son-in-law had sexually harassed the mother-in-law, the brother had a sister, the father had given to the daughter, or the grandfather’s granddaughter,” said Palin Gomez, senior manager of NGO ‘Breakthrough’, who works for women. ”

What should I do if it does?

In response to this question, Palin says, “keep your point going till someone does not listen, do not react.”

She says, “Tell a lot of people, say in the school and college, go to the police or the magistrate, take help of any NGO, call the helpline numbers, do anything but do not sit quietly.”

Dr. Shravasti Venkatesh, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Rehabilitation and Development, says, “Victims of sexual abuse have a sense of anger, guilt and despair.

She says, “Many times the victim can not recover completely after the incident, so counseling proves to be very helpful.”

Palin Gomez says, “Many times people want to raise their voices against the crime, but due to lack of proper knowledge of the law and the rest, they suffer from silence. This situation is very frightening

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