#Badtouch: My neighbor was the one who touched me wrongly


I was probably 6 years old, when for the first time a boy touched me wrongly Before that, I did not know the difference between the touch of a woman or a man. I remember this old thing, maybe you might feel weird, but I can tell you that with whom this happens, unfortunately, everything is remembered.

Then I did not know what was going on with me. But I know so much that I was feeling all that bad. I felt like I have been forced to cooperate. He lived in my neighborhood and I used to call him ‘brother-in-law’. As far as I remember, he used to read in the sixth or seventh grade.

————————————————– ———————————-

One morning I was playing, when he lifted me in the lap and put his hand in my underwear. At first I did not notice, but soon I realized that this was not done by mistake, he had deliberately done it.

I told him that I do not have to play and I ran away from my house. I was feeling something strange inside me. That afternoon she came to my house at lunch. Whenever there was something special in the house, he was called upon to eat.
I tried so hard to see him and do not talk to him. But it seemed like I stole something and there is such a secret that only me and he knows it.

There was such a dirty secret that I could not tell anyone in my mother or house. Gladly after some time my family shifted to another place and we never met.

Although for a long time, I felt as if he was touching me as if he was touching me. I remember well how I was filled with shame and self-respect by remembering that sentence.

I had stopped thinking about it, but whenever a man stared at me or deliberately tried to come to me, then my heart was filled with a strange panic.

‘Uncle loved all but I do not …’

Opposed to ‘sex’ in the name of ritual

Tread on the road

The second incident took place when I was studying in the 10th. I was going to school On the way a man came to me with great disrespect to touch me and made such a move just like nothing happened. I screamed at him but he got out of his comfort with his 4-5 friends. I started crying badly.

After this incident, I did not attend school for a week. Later, when the school went back to school, he did not go through that path; There was no courage to tell anyone about this.

Once I told one of my friends about this, he said, “What kind of love do you see?” His stupid answer was quite good for me to silence. Later, I told these girls to other girls. They also had to face such experiences.

I felt the need to have some courage in speaking openly on the public forum. I deliberately decided not to hide my name. I hope that it will give the courage to speak openly to others. Without any shame or gilt

We have to teach our children that we do not have to stay silent

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