#BadTouch: ‘I do not know how long the baby will have been …’

_97067164_711b1c35-91ac-484c-a225-6e1ca48f6d7a.jpgThe one who passes on us always remembers us. But sometimes it happens when we do not forget the accidents that happened with others.

Anamika (renamed name) is referring to such a sentence.

The talk is about 6 years ago. I used to be studying with two friends in the empty house of my sister in a densely populated district of Allahabad.

What was the house, three rooms were built to accommodate a room found after a split in a big house. The examinations of both my friends had ended and both the villages had gone.

#BadTouch: ‘Even after coming in front of brother, she was cutting …

#Badtouch: ‘Uncle loved all but I do not …’

I had joined the coaching of the civil service, so she could not even go home during the summer holidays. There were many slums near the house where the working families lived.
One evening I was walking alone on the terrace. A 25-30 year old man was playing with a one and a half-year-old girl on the adjacent terrace.

Seeing the way the baby was playing together with her, it seemed like she knew the man well. I was standing something like this that I could see them but they did not have me.

I saw, suddenly that man picked up the child in the lap, kept kissing his cheeks for some time, and then taking the girl to the side and starting to rub his penis on her body.

It may seem awkward to write like this, but it is necessary. Perhaps some people would be more alert about their children by writing me. Perhaps the parents once thought about handing their children to everyone’s hands.

#Badtouch: ‘Brother in front of elders, what to do after’

The little girl screamed ‘Mother-Mother’, but the man left him after a while. After a short spell, the child started playing again.

Seeing all this I was very scared and I did not tell anyone. I was afraid that if I complain to someone, that person will not harm me. I was selfish But being selfish at that time gave me regrets for life.

I still think that I wish I had done something for the child. I do not know how long she had to bear it all …

Story of Sargam

She writes:

“I have also suffered all this, my sexual abuse was the uncle of my distant relationship, all this happened to me when I was only 12 years old and I did not have one but many times.”

“I always complain that my sexual exploiters today are preaching the world as a religious guru. Sadness is also about the fact that even my own parents did not believe me. When I said that I would tell these things to all, my mother said, why do you want to defame us?

#Badtouch: My neighbor was the one who touched me wrongly

“Later, when I fell in love, my lover (who is now my husband) gave me my full support. I agree that most of the sex offenders are themselves. ”

“I go ahead and peel this pain by putting the ideal of Oprah Winfrey ji’s pain. Always think that there was no mistake in what happened. So why should I punish myself? Hope will change the environment and girls will not be considered guilty for every mistake

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