# 100Women: Women Who Are Changing the World


The new season of this year’s series will highlight the issues affecting women around the world. Also, this year women will be given a chance to change.

There has always been issues like persecution, inequality and understanding them against women, who also disappoint, while frustrating. That is why in this season we will ask women about new ways of dealing with these issues.
This time in the fifth year # 100Women’s series, the reports related to issues such as obstruction of women’s professional development, illiteracy, harassment in public places and gender issues in the game will be presented to you.

In October, four experienced veterans and specialists in four different cities will work together to create new ways to help people affected by these problems.
If this series of 100Women succeeds in this challenge, then it will be due to all women from all over the world who helped understand why and how these problems are a big issue. Those women will share their thoughts which they see.

The platform of 100Women will not be limited to sharing ideas, but it will also be discussed on radio, online and social media.

On the issue of obstacles in the professional development of women, where the report from the US will be from San Francisco.

At the same time, on the issue of women’s illiteracy, the issue of gender discrimination in London and public on the issue of persecution in public places will be an intense discussion with Brazilian Rio but this discussion will be global and we want to hear the voices of women from every corner of the world .
These series of 100Women can not be fulfilled without women who are doing something different to change the world.

This time the novelty has been brought in the series. By the end of the month in this series of 100Women, only 60 women will be in the list and the remaining 40 places will remain empty. As the season progresses, it will be included in those women who have faced various challenges.

“In 2015, women had more than 150 discussions in 10 languages ​​in 30 countries,” says Fiona Crack, editor of 100Women, “In 2015, the discussions reached 450 in 2016. In 2017, we are taking part in this partnership to a new level. It will be very exciting, as well as it will be interesting to see if something new comes out. ”
Some women have got inspiration to start this series about which you can know by clicking here

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