# 100Women: ‘Why the silence on the vagina that was born?’

_92815843_1ce21b15-055b-40ef-8154-71933641bccd.jpgFemale orgasm during sexual intercourse You will have heard more about this in the letters-journals, but there is very little talk about this from the scientists.

But now scientists have started researching the orgasm, its complexity and its difficulties more than ever before.

Scientists are also convinced that the problems with the extreme happiness of women, the biggest of them, is that many women studied about the body of the men have not been on the body.

Kelista Willson is a fashion stylist from San Francisco.

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Wilson says, “I feel as if something is burning between my legs, something is like a scabies, and then it is a matter of making sex or setting a typo, at that time it seems as if someone is putting a dagger inside. . it hurts a lot.”


Tempur is a type of sanitary pad which is used during periods.
Calistha Wilson’s Problems The 20th Doctor is OK
Kelita got this trouble for the first time when she was 12 years old. They tried terrible pain in their vagina if they tried to apply the temp.

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She struggled with this problem and eventually reached the doctor when she was 20 years old.

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Kelista says, “The doctor also got disturbed and said that you look absolutely normal, I feel that this is all about your brain, you should meet some therapist.”

Then they went out of 10 years to solve their problem.

During this time, difficulties related to sexual organs had a major effect on their everyday life. They not only suffered from depression, but their relationship also broke.

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After meeting with several doctors, one day he met Dr. Andrew Goldstein, his doctor in Washington DC. He was also the director of the Vulvovaginal Disorder Center at the same place.

Goldstein said that according to the doctor, the veins present on the mouth of their vagina are quite sensitive. 30 times more than usual. This is the reason that whenever their vagina is touched for some reason, irritation begins.

The doctor removed the skin of the face of his vagina in the spherical portion, causing them to get rid of these problems.

For the first time, Callista Wilson had sex without any problem.

This problem of kelstica is called congenital neuroproliferative vestibulionia. This is not a common problem.
When a doctor of New York gynecologist Dr. Debra Kodi started investigating this topic, it was found that things like understanding, hearing and understanding are related to male genitalia. But there is silence on female genitalia.

He initiated himself, teamed up with several specialist surgeons and formed a team, and got involved in the test. Many interesting things came out.

They found that the pelvic nervous system i.e. the problems associated with the pelvic nervous system are very different in every woman.

Kodi explains, “If you talk about the nervous system associated with vaginal and inner genitalia, that is the Pyrenal nervous system, then it is not the same in any two women.”

The pyendenal nerves are the most important for giving sexual exertion to women. This is the system which brings the impulses associated with touching, pressing and sexually transmitting sexual activity to the brain.

Koedi researched that there are five different parts of female genitalia. The nerves found in this part are different in different ways in different women.

These are the five parts-clitoris (vagina), vaginal mouth, servix (cervix), anal and perinum (part of the vagina).

Kodi explains, “Why is a women’s clitoris more sensitive, someone just feels more impulsive near the sexual mouth, does a woman get more filling in any other part? The answers to all these questions are present here. ”

None of the women give full and correct information about these organs and their associated sensitivity. This is the reason why when it comes to sex advice, these magazines are usually not of any use.

A second myth involved with women’s sexual arousal was also known. Working in psychophysiology lab at the University of Texas at Austin came to know about it.

This was not a common laboratory, but the method of experimentation is quite different. The people who participate in it have an attractive black sofa set for sitting, a TV in front wide screen and videos of people who have sex on the screen.

Doctor Cindy Mesten is in the adjoining room, and from there there is an eye on the heartbeats of women in the room, the speed of bleeding in their genitals.
Doctor Matson is telling to use the Vaginal Photoplethismograph.

Vaginal photopathy symograph
For this, the help of vaginal photopathy has been taken. It is like a tempu in shape, and two inches long. It is inserted inside the vagina. When it is run, light gets out of it.

When the light is slow, it is known that how much blood is coming in the veins present in the vagina.

This shows that when and how much of a woman is feeling upset.

The things that came up after this experiment were contrary to popular belief.

Cindy Maeston said, “Usually we are told to calm down before sex, for that you take a deep breath – leave it, take a bath with lukewarm water, listen to sweet music, but my research tells the opposite.”

According to Maeston, “According to the experiment I used to have a long run with your partner before sex. Or watch a horror movie, ride together roller coaster, enjoy the comedy movie or show.”

The use of Maeston helps to understand that if the pelvic nervous system is activated in women before sex, then it makes them feel more quickly and deeper in comparison to the peak during sex.

But the effect of all of these is the opposite in men.

Andrew Goldstein says that he knows only from adolescence that the body and his sexuality are not understood at all.

Goldstein says, “I lived in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics for 20,000 hours and I heard the lecture there for 45 minutes. But whatever was said in that 45 minutes was completely wrong.”

According to them, “Sexual nature of women is given less preference than men’s sexual problems, it is a double-minded attitude. Unfortunately, everyone believes that there is a problem related to stimulation or erections in men, Sexual Diseases, Sexual Problems, etc. If women have the same problem in them, they are screwed. Many times it is said that it is not really that, it is all yours Produce Imag. ”

Matson says that if you are doing research on the sexuality of women, then you will find it very difficult to raise money for it. The matter is of extreme happiness when women do not give any consideration to this problem.

Not only that, according to Metson, there is a radical contrast to any medical research in this area.

She says, “If you talk of sexual gratification within marriage, then it is okay. But if you talk of women’s extreme pleasure or sexual arousal, then you will not get any money for any kind of investigation about it. ”

Once he was called to give a lecture somewhere. But as soon as it came to know that the sexuality of the women, sexuality to them, they were immediately avoided.

Callista Wilson tells about her problems and asks, “We are all born of this vagina, then why nobody wants to talk about it?

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