# 100Women: Why holiday during menstruation?


There is a law in many provinces of China, in which it has been decided that working women get a one-two-day leave from the office if they need it during menstruation.

Shu Ran Zheng, who is engaged in organizing the program, regularly takes such holidays and says that it is important for women.

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Shu Ran, one of the five women who had been taken into custody last year to protest against sexual harassment, was also among them.

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Shu Ryan posts a picture on social media showing in which a woman is tied with an invisible cross and many arrows are stuck in her stomach.
Every time during menstruation, I have a lot of pain.

I post a photograph on social media during which it shows that a woman is tied with an invisible cross and many arrows are stuck in her stomach. It very clearly shows what happens with a woman during menstruation. This photo gets a lot of ‘Lyrics’.

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One night before the start of the menstruation, my mind becomes heavier and the stomach starts to crumble. The next day when I wake up from sleep and menstruation begins, my stomach ache begins.

I feel like I can tighten my intestines and throw them out of the body and throw it. Or I think I should cut it off with a scissor. My ji starts to mumble.
‘It seems that I can tighten my intestines and take them out and throw them out of the body’
Since I started university, I used to eat painkillers during menstruation. But the effect of this medicine is that it starts to feel tired and sleepy. I also use hot water bottles to relieve pain.

During this time it is difficult to focus on work, and in such a situation, I start bashing myself to be a woman.


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I work in a company called ‘Pride Planning’, which works to promote women’s rights campaign.

Fortunately this company gives women employees a one-day holiday payday every month. For this, these women do not need to submit the medical certificate nor do they worry that their one day’s salary will be deducted.
Shu Rane Zheng was taken into custody last year to protest against sexual harassment
If I do not go out of work, I usually take a half-day or a day break. I am lying on the bed by taking a painkiller pillow and doing some work from there.


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Some people believe that giving holidays during menstruation causes the business to be commercially damaged. Consequently, it has been debated that in this, companies will start trying to avoid giving jobs to women.

There are more women workers in my company than men. As far as I know, it has not caused any financial loss due to this, although most women take holidays every month or during the menstruation every other month.
Most women suffer pain during menstruation. Normally the pain starts in the stomach and spreads to the back or thighs spreading. During this, there may be slight pain or even very painful pain. Women may also have vomiting, diarrhea or headache.

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This pain is called dysmenoria in the language of science. The cells on the wall of the uterus begin to shrink in the form of prostaglandin hormones. The higher the level of this hormone, the contraction in the uterus will be as high and the pain will be as fast.

We make plans before taking holidays, and try to compensate for work after the holiday.
Male colleagues do not feel that they are being discriminated. Actually, the work environment has become better and more friendly after starting the menstrual cycle.

Some people may feel that this policy gives more protection to women and they can be more lazy or weaker than this.

As far as I know, women who do not have pain during menstruation, they do not take leave. Apart from this, where corporate competitiveness is among the employees,

Some women do not want to look ‘weak’ or ‘naughty’.

It is strange that in today’s time, one day holiday, including the salary, can be so much criticism or there is such a hot debate on it.

Profit and efficiency are considered at the top.
Conscious women can not get rid of menstruation pills. But what society can not do for women?

I am compelled to think that if men had menstruation, the holiday in the constitution of all the countries would have been compulsory from the beginning

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