# 100Women: Vajyanti fighting with the bite of being transgender


I was in school when there was a victim of sexual and physical violence. Even after being adult, I was targeted again and again.

But instead of feeling suffering I chose to get rid of it and fight it.

To achieve its rights, the caste discrimination discriminated against the patriarchal society which ruthlessly suppresses the voice of my other brave transgender friends. This is my story.

By the age of 12, I had started to meet and interact with people who are called hijra in society. In this way my relatives came to know that I was a transgender.

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My school experience in Hyderabad is very bad There were always some of my seniors who did not like me and always used my physical and sexual harassment.

At the age of 16, my father fired as a punishment from his house in a night of winter, so that my ‘awakened place’ would come. He said, “If you do not have a roof roof, then your misdeeds will come to a halt.”

For the first time in my life I was homeless. I have only completed my studies till class X, after that I have completed my studies through ‘Distances Education’. I had to start working very quickly.

Till the sex work for its economic needs. This was the time when my life was cut in between being homeless, spending the night on the streets, friends, some good relatives and my parents living here.
One day when I was in the house of my parents, when I got up in the morning, I found myself bound. With the help of some other people my father has forcibly admitted me to a psychiatrist’s center.

At the age of 20, I was forced to undergo medical treatment, which was a ‘fraud’ in the name of therapy in a way changing sex or homosexuality. I was given for eight months to be subjected to forcefully preventing insanity, electric shocks were given. All of this had a bad effect on my health and morale.

After this I fled to Mumbai from the house Bachelor of Economics in Economics Succeeded in After this I started working in the BPO. I did not return home till the age of 32, but regularly sending money to my parents.

When I returned home in 2012, my mother suffered from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. In 2013 my father mixed some ‘magic medicine’ in my food; on the medicine he believed that his accounts would become a man.

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I became a victim of the extremely lethal drug reaction, ‘toxic epidermin neckalis’ (TEN). Just like the treatment of burnt patients, I have been treated for months.

In January 2014, during the hearing of the petition for re-reviewing the case of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, in the case of non criminal, I witnessed against the unscrupulous, immoral and often fraudulent medical treatment and practice in the Supreme Court.

When the Supreme Court recognized transgender as a separate gender, then I officially tried to change my gender in my office and since then I am unemployed.

Unemployment occurs in the transgender community all over the world. Some transenders are sure to get in the job but they are not given as a job transgender, but found on the basis of that name and gender which is given during their birth.
If transgender tries to change its gender in the certificate, then most people have to go hand in hand.

The company I used to work earlier, is a big Wall Street company and its global claim is that it has an inclusive view of the ‘LGBTQQ’ community. But in this company I was not allowed to use women toilet

I was compelled to use the men’s toilets, because I did not have any official identification card that would have liked my transgender.

In many countries around the world, especially in developed countries the transgender community is kept in safe category and constitutional instructions that adopt discrimination criteria against them are. But there is no such system for transgenders in India.


Pretense of courage
I have given a lot of application before the state government to change my gender but after many months passed and many times ‘follow up’ no reply has been received.

In the event of pushing the marginalization of the society, we only have the choice of the court but many of us do not have the necessary resources for litigation.

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In the unemployment situation, I enrolled in the prestigious ‘Tata Institute of Social Science’, a syllabus of politics in Hyderabad, but my parents are seriously ill. They always need carers.
Full-time studies for most transenders are not less than luxury. Due to the increasing medical bills for the treatment of parents and due to rising debt, I am not obliged to continue my studies.

I am looking for a job in an economy that does not give jobs to transgenders.

Although it is just too late, but my father now says, “I am surprised by the reliance on my relatives that I have thrown you out of the house, they are no longer there and you are here to take care of me.”

I am thankful that late life has given me an opportunity to live with my parents now

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