# 100Women: They might not have been in prison if they came to English

_97862520_ef8620d8-50c9-4ad5-855d-b41ff9d05213.jpgThe ‘Miriam’ (changed name) raised in Sierra Leone never went to school. When he became an adult, he struggled with reading and writing. When he had to go to jail on a case, his first encounter there was with Classroom. With the help of some people, they wrote the story of their studies. Read, in his words

‘What do you have to say in your defense? Are you gully or not? ‘

‘what? I do not understand. ‘

‘Are you gully? Reply to me.’

‘Yes sir.’

After a year, I was released from Sierra Leone’s Freetown Women’s Correction Center. Why was I there? Because I did not know what the word “guilt” (English) of English meant, there was no one to translate.

I am a 35-year-old mother of five children who was arrested in the neighborhood for theft of a theft. When all of us were taken to court then I had made a false plea because of lack of education.

When I started the sentence, I had decided that twice a week women will take advantage of the literacy class for the prisoners.

There were other women prisoners like me who were illiterate and never went to school.

# 100Women: Girl reading ‘between the clouds’

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We are teaching the girl’s ‘no’, meaning ‘no’?
Books are also given to charity through charity
A few months later, I stopped targeting thumb in papers because I had learned to sign.

I loved these classes because other women named me ‘school girl’.

After the release from the Correction Center, I had prepared my business which helped my family. Because of my new skill, I had become the chairperson of the local women’s market and I was able to keep all the economic records.

When I do not work in the market, I teach the children of my neighborhood, through the improvement centers I have learned.

My education certificate proves to people that I can read, write and calculate. This is one of my most arrogant achievements.

I still need some help while writing this story but I know that what I am telling you is what is written on the paper. It gave me an understanding which was not before.

Meet the women with ‘masculine work’
A moving class in the correction center
Story of a teacher teaching in prison
Aza Zibla works as a teacher in prison. She helps in the education of women with the help of ‘EzukeAid’ and ‘Advoced’ charity institutions. In her childhood she could not complete the school education, but charity helped her to start and complete her studies.

Read, the story of Ziba.
I met many of the women in the reform centers who had stories of injustice due to lack of education. The women did not know which paper they had put a thumb on and that they did not know which words are being used during the hearing of their case. Many women were punished because they did not know which finance agreement they had signed.

While running a class of studies in jail, I got an opportunity to know how lucky people are those who get education. At that time, I had many such proud moments when I used to pen women, see their names in the list, read the book, and account for my business.

She is married to her husband
Woman prisoner certifying
Also, those moments were especially exciting when women were happy to go from one class to another and get the certificate-award.

My job was inside and out of the improvement centers, how to become inspirational for women so that they could fully realize their potential.

Education is a wonderful tool that gives women opportunities and helps them control their lives.

Through education, I could reach education and it made my potential to be an agent for change. I want to help other young women to see justice and equality for women in Sierra Leone and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, following the recent financial crisis following the Ebola disease, funding of human rights organizations has come down. Because of this, such classes have been adjourned for the first time in the last ten years.

Female prisoners in jail want the classes to start again so that their future can become golden after release.

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What are 100 women?
This year, women will be given an opportunity to educate, exploit in public places and break the restrictions of gender discrimination in sports.

With your help, these women are solving the problems of real life and we want you to join their journey with your thoughts.

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