# 100Women: These women go out on the streets at midnight


Each month, Neha Singh sends a message of thirsty midnight to 100 women of her WHATSAP group.

Then there is a debate on the date and way. Some women are ready and the plans for the journey from midnight to three o’clock on the streets of Mumbai are confirmed.

It is like this when women usually do not get out of the house without men.

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In Mumbai, in any area of ​​the country, women also feel insecure on the streets.

But it seems that these women have shaken from fear.
Selena John, Devina Kapoor, Archana Patel Nandi and Neha Singh
The night I decide to join them, four women have gathered on that day. One of them, Selena John, is wearing shorts and sleeveless tops.

She says, “Why should I wear different types of clothes for the night?”

According to Selena, “the freedom we choose from our clothes, we will see that people will get used to it and we will be able to change their attitude towards women.”

Strict law after the Nirbhaya scandal

Debate on changing these attitudes in India started in Delhi in 2012 after the ‘Nirbhaya’ rape.

Due to the death of Nirbhaya showing world outrage and India has made laws for women to prevent violence and tighten the law.
Neha Singh (right) started the ‘Y Laoyer’.
Neha Singh was one of the thousands of protesters on the streets. At the same time, he read a book named ‘Yo Laoyer’.

In this it was written about the right to roam freely in public places, inspired by which Neha made a group of women of the same name.

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Neha’s initiatives began with the boiled anger on a violent incident. But according to him, he has been able to maintain it for so many years because this effort is related to giving happiness and freedom to himself.

Painted man video

Neha believes that there is danger in this way of expressing his right, as once a man landed by the car and began to feel himself helpless by stripping him in front of the car.

She says, “But after many nights of the night, we had understood that this is not our fault, we do not feel embarrassed for this, so I removed my phone and started making her video, saying that it would spread good on YouTube. And the man stood frightened. ”
In every four minutes in India in year 2015, a case of sexual violence against a woman came out and a case was registered in police.

According to experts, due to the violation of sexual violence in the modified law related to violence against women, the definition of strict punishment and more of the cases is reported to the police.

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Some women are feeling so strong that they are registering rape and sexual harassment complaints against men possessing domination.

Complaints are also being started

These include the complaint of rape against sexual harassment and Tehelka magazine’s former editor Tarun Tejpal in place of former President Rajendra Pachauri of the United Nations International Climate Change Panel (IPCC).

Although both of them have dismissed these allegations and the matter is going on in court.

The most prominent among them is the filmmaker Mahmud Farooqi, who was found guilty of raping a US woman complaint seeking research in India.
Sameera Khan wants that women of India should not be considered victims.
According to Sameera Khan, co-writer and journalist of ‘Yo Loyer’ book, women in India are now challenging old thinking and attitude in different ways.

In Mumbai ‘Y Laoyetter’, ‘Pinjara Break’ in Delhi and groups like ‘Blake Noise’ in Bengal are being led by women, they also have men’s support.

According to Sameera, “Women of India want to convey to the West that we should not be seen as suffering from violence only.”

She says, “We are demanding more and more rights in our lives, raising questions, it is understood that the time has come that there is no need to hide violence by facing it.”
Mary Kom, a five-time world boxing champion
Recently, one of India’s top players, Mary Com said that she had to face sexual violence at the beginning of her career.

In India, women talk less about sexual harassment because they are often told that they are responsible.

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Five times world champion in boxing, bronze medal winner Mary Kom in the Olympics also felt more than a decade in raising the courage to tell her self-determination.

When I met him at Manipura, his boxing academy in Imphal, he told that he was a common player then he did not believe that he would get support if he could raise his voice.
My com wants to bring equality for women in the hearts of their three sons.
Now after bringing my state to the world map and seeing the change in the country, my com thought that it is right that women like them raise their voices.

I say, “In India, we put the burden of respect on women, But I think it is wrong for women to be embarrassed for the violence against them. ”

When will society change?

According to them, when women raise their voices, then there will be a change in society.

Even Bollywood has shown to positively reflect the attitude of women towards women.

In popular cinema, it is often shown as a way of loving love for chasing or threatening rape.
But in the film released this year, ‘Pink’ has been said to have a right to say ‘No’ to a woman.

In the center of the film, Azad takes care of those who want to live life on their own terms and do not want to feel embarrassed for him.

The sparkle of change in roads and houses can be felt.

# 100Women: No one will give your child

Neha Singh is about to get married and she tells that her partner fully supports her campaign.

Neha believes, “I want to be as independent as the people of this country, why I believe in less than this

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