# 100Women: No one will give your child


In the # 100Women, a 13-year-old girl’s grandmother was raped. This courageous girl not only showed the courage to create her own child but, despite being poor, herself would like to follow her. The story of this girl is the same.

Last year my house collapsed in the rain. His father (who raped me) said that you can stay in my house and live.

My family would come here to build a house and I would have stayed in the house to cook.

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He started teasing me and laughing. Then he started to force me to have physical relations.

He told me not to tell anyone about all this. I will marry you He started threatening me that if you told someone then I would kill you.

His brother is a scoundrel. I did not tell my family due to fear.

I used to come in the first month but after being forcefully I did not come for two to three months and then there was pain in my stomach. He cooperated with me twice or thrice.

I told my aunt first about this. My parents did not say anything.

My whole family went to their house His father ran away his son and beat me and put him on the road.

When we conducted a medical examination, they said that it has been three months and the time has increased for abortion.

My parents did not say anything but my brothers said that take them out of the house. If they stay at home then we will not come home. When my parents did not listen to them, my brothers left the house.

We went to write the report in this case. For three days SO did not write the report.

These people gave money to the SO and I wrote my age for 18 years while the transfer certificate is 13 years old. When the FIR was written then the SO sent the report in court three days later.

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The court kept on hanging me that I want to come today … come tomorrow …. I asked for permission to throw the child in court. When a medical checkup was done then the doctor said it is late. Now abortion can not be done.

When the doctor said that more time has come then I have come to mind that this is my child, I will make this child.

I have a pain in my stomach so I told my mother. But it was late and my baby was in an ambulance.

People in the hospital (who had raped me) came to my child but I refused. Even at home I said that this is my child.

I know that my family is poor but I will do wages, I will work in NREGA but my child will do it myself.

The police said that you get married, boys say they will marry but they can leave after two or three months.

I want to marry that boy, but if the court will say then. If I married like this then they can also leave me.

Marriage will prevail from marriage. What is the trust of such a person? She can do it with anyone else. If he marries, then he is right or he is in jail.

The first neighborhoods used to come to our house but now no one comes here. These people say our house has become dirty.

I do not feel sad if you do not come then do not come.

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