# 100Women: driver’s wife made head


If women repeatedly win an MP’s election from any area, should it be assumed that there will be the needs of women in that area? Will their life change? Will their status increase in society?

So far I have tried to investigate this in Mohanlalganj, who was elected the women MP most often eight times.

I thought that I meet a lady village chief. Laxmi, who was selected a year ago, came out to find Rawat.

Asked Pradhan’s house – When he got in front of a large bungalow, he came home from Shankar Yadav, not Lakshmi.

It was found that Shankar Yadav is the former head and when the post was reserved for women, last year he got his driver’s wife fighting and got him elected.
Lakshmi Rawat is the village head of Mohanlalganj village.
It was obvious that the head for the villagers was still Shankar Yadav. Then this time, instead of the head, asked the house in the name of Lakshmi Rawat, then someone took a small int.

Sajhi Dhaji Shyamatii Lakshmi found Without hesitation, he said that all the work of Sarpanch is seen by his husband and his boss.

Lakshmi said, “We believe in them, they send the right papers to us and we extend it to them, they see all the work outside, if something is very important, then they send it.”

We believe in them, they send the right papers to us and we push them forward
Lakshmi Rawat, village head
Lakshmi told that she has read up to 5th, so she does not understand all the work.

When I started leaving my daughter-in-law’s daughter in her arms, she said, “I will teach her so that she can get some idea.”

If the college pass, we girls go to school daily ‘

When I got out of Lakshmi’s village, I came near Khajita village nearby, so some women filled with water called them and started asking why I came here.

If I said, the water shore of the water, the problem of the problem broke.

Rani Rawat said, “Saasand has come by choosing anybody, no one has brought employment here, wages are being run daily for the wages, somehow sending children to school, but what will change in their life too?”

Nahawat Rawat’s smile was standing near his mother’s ears. Dabby said in the voice that if the school is nearby then it has been able to study till the 11th, but the college is in the city and parents have no money for the rent and fees.

If I asked, what would you like to read? Baley from Tackke, “I’ll be the head, but not like Lakshmi Rawat, like Shankar Yadav – the real head of power.”

I was stunned by Neha’s clear thinking and high flying. It seems something is changing. Women can climb up the ladder of politics, the imagination is making space in the girls’ mind.

Mohanlalanganj, reserved for Scheduled Castes, is considered as one of the backward areas of the state.
Sushila Saroj, MP from Mohanlalganj
Sushila Saroj, who has been here since 2009 to 2014, believes that there is a shortage of teaching to girls there, and even after becoming the head, women give their men the power of power only.

She says, “I opened a private degree college in my tenure but there is no government degree college for girls only in the whole election area.”

No girls’ college, no big government hospital, and no big factory to provide employment – this condition of Mohanlalanganj area, 20 kilometers away from the capital Lucknow, looks odd.

But it is also true that there are paved roads in the villages, there are handpumps in place and women are not far behind in the least vote.

There is no government degree college for girls only in the whole election area
Sushila Saroj, former MP, Mohanlalganj
There are some villages where there is no electricity yet but there are many such where in recent years the transformers have been installed. The people of Chhabukheda did not get tired of praising Sushila Saroj, because the power came to power in the year 2013 in the village.

In this village of about 100 households, the needs of the first car was to carry TVs or mobile charges.

Now houses have bulbs and fans. Priyanka Yadav, sitting with her mother on a cot outside her house, listens to songs in her phone.

Priyanka is one of the two girls of the village who went to the city’s college and went to MA. Are doing their studies.

She says, “I am being able to go because for one year my friend Shashi has been waiting for me for a year, so that we both are with each other and our parents feel secure to send us the college.”
Priyanka Yadav is seen in the picture with her mother.
Then she says that going forward she will be married to her. But while parents are considering, they are studying.

Apart from an Anganwadi worker and his assistant, no woman employs any method in Priyanka’s village.

If the mother is a little shore, then on the front, Priyanka asks me where did I study journalism?

When answering, I will ask again, would he even want to study Delhi?

Then a slight smile breaks on his lips. Somewhere between the hopes of those buried lips and the hope of those glowing eyes, there is a story of Mohanlalganj’s women

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