100 Women: Women in the World of Gaming


In professional gaming, very few women take part and whoever they take, they usually have to face harassment. Compared to men, they get very little money.

In the field of gaming, two top women talked to the BBC and told how they are fighting with discrimination and encouraging other women to come to this area.

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Gaming is also called electronic sports or e-sports. It is growing at incredible speed. Deloitte, the management consultant, estimates that in 2016, the revenue of e-sports will increase by 25 percent to $ 50 million. The number of those who see it will increase to 15 million.

Unlike conventional games, physical power is not important in e-sports. Despite this, men are dominated by this area too.

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Stage Harvey was threatened with rape
Pew Center found that in the field of gaming, men and women are absolutely equal. But as many women think themselves as gamers, their two men consider themselves as such. When competition in the game increases, the number of women decreases dramatically.

Stef Harvey is one of the world’s most successful gamers. She says that the number of women in e-sports is five feet. The main reason for this is the conservative thinking associated with this game.

He told  “It’s still a boys’ club, so women are treated differently.”

Online misbehavior in the Gaming community is common for many years. In particular, there was a alleged Gamergate controversy in 2014 and 2015, in which both sides complained of harassment.

Stage was given the threat of rape in the past online. She says, “I was bothered and told what they could do to my body. They told me that I am not fit to live in this place because of my sex.”

They started feeling that they had lost their job. He said, “If my community hates me, why should I do this, because that’s feminist, because I believe that women have their own place in gaming.”

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Julia Kiran, Leader of the ‘Team Secret’ who reached the peak of women’s gaming in October. He said, “It always seems that women teams are not in the field, male gamers consider us to be marginalized, which has no count.”

One of the measures, different teams of women and different tournaments for them.
Julia Kiran is in the middle with other players
Steff said, “I am proof that I felt that women should take part in it and they should win this World Cup, which you can trust, encourages them with encouragement.”

But the women’s tournament could not escape controversy. Many players, including Julia, feel that it further strengthens gender discrimination. Julia said, “It would be nice to see that men and women are working together.”

In the case of tournaments and sponsorship, there is a great difference between men and women. There is a lot of difference between the prize money both of them get.

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The Mixed Composition prize amount was kept at $ 75,000 at the Paris E-Sports World Convention. But in the women’s class, this amount was only $ 15,000.

Similarly, the top man player earns up to $ 2.5 million, while the female player of the same level gets less than two hundred thousand dollars. Actually women teams earn less, they get less sponsors and less publicity.

Steph hopes that big companies will be coming out to support women’s tournaments and women’s players.

Amazon’s proprietary gaming streaming website is working on dealing with misbehavior on twitch sites. Steff has found a solution of his own self.

Missclix is ​​an organization that streams gaming of female players and also promotes them.

Steff believes that there are also historical reasons for having less professional female gamers in gaming. She says, “Even if physical strength does not have any meaning in gaming, game developers have worked in mind to keep men’s special reflex, skills and awareness in mind.”

They hope that more and more women will develop games, they will keep women in mind and discourage them. She says, “Mainstream gamers are more diverse, and if I can encourage a person, I would consider myself worthy of anything.

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