# 100 Women Who Are 100 Indian Women


So far 60 names of women have been announced in this list, while during the season, the names of the remaining 40 women will be added in October.

This annual series focuses on issues affecting women throughout the world and encourages women for change.

It includes poet Rupi Kaur, acid attack victim Silk Khan and Dancer-TV star Jin Jing.

I know, who are these 10 Indian women-

1-Urvashi Sahni

Urvashi Sahni (62) is the founder and CEO of Study Hall Educational Foundation.

Dr Urvashi Sahni has been in the role of a social entrepreneur, women rights activist and educationist since the last 34 years.

Regarding education, she says, “Education is a very powerful weapon to bring about change, but the education that will bring change has to be changed too.”

2-Mehrunisa Siddiqui

Mehrunissa Siddiqui is the mother of Bollywood’s famous actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Maherunisa Siddiqui, a 65-year-old domestic lady, says that ‘learning to do is never too late’.

3-IRA trivedi
Ira Trivedi
32-year-old Ira Trivedi is a writer and activist.

Through its writing, teaching and non-profit activities, IRA Trivedi hopes to sensitize the minds, bodies and souls of the people so that they can realize themselves as part of this complete conquest.

Ira says, “We are much more than we think ourselves, our power inside is very strong, if we can use the blanks and our unlimited capabilities instead of outside, then this world is very different from the present. Will go. ”

4-Aditi Awasthi

The entrepreneur and founder and CEO of ‘Ambib’, 35-year-old Aditi is trying to make a change.

Through ‘Ambib’, he wants to make revolutionary changes in education, using the technical and data science.

She says, “Make a big difference in the universe. Build a positive revolution.”

5-Priyanka Roy

16 years old Priyanka Roy is a student and came to Delhi a year ago from Ranaghat in West Bengal. Now she lives with her mother at TA Colony in Govindpuri.

She says, “I want to learn to read and write so that I can stand on my feet.”

6-Nitya Thummelhetty

Nitya Thummalhetty, 31, is a director of Furunapix.

The healthcare entrepreneur and the Gender Expert Nitya believe that technological creativity can eliminate social barbarism in education and health.

She says, “You have to ask questions continuously, even if they do not know their answers today. If you do not ask questions continuously, then it is easy to forget that injustice and non-violence are not a common thing.”

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7-Tulika Kiran

Tulika Kiran (47) is a teacher and social worker.

Tulika has been teaching children in Tihar jail for the past eight years. He is also a journalist.

She says, “Do not hate those who love you, do not cheat on whom you trust.”

8-Rupi Kaur

Writer and poetess, 24-year-old Kaur writes on issues related to life.

Indian-Canadian writer is also a figure artist. She writes on love, discord, shock, healing and women issues.

She says, “The idea of ​​Healing is a matter of practice and you have to constantly do it.”

9-Viral Modi

25 year old Viral Modi, disabled rights activist and youth ambassador.

He is also a motivational speaker, model and actress. He is campaigning in India for making railways convenient for people with disabilities.

10-Mithali Raj
Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj (34 years old) says, “I dream, I work hard. I work hard till I get satisfied.”

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# 100Women What?
BBC announces the stories of influential and inspiring women of the whole world to the world every year. This year, women will be given an opportunity to educate, exploit in public places and break the restrictions of gender discrimination in sports.

With your help, these women are resolving the problems of real life and we want you to join their journey with your thoughts.


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