With whom is the BJP ruling in Gujarat only

_98816780_kajalWhen I show the picture of Rahul Gandhi to 18-year-old Kajal, he first describes him as Hardik Patel. If the villagers correctly identify then they are swept away.

Kajal says, “We have always seen the BJP, since we have seen that all of them are voting, we do not know the Congress.”

Kajal’s Tebli-Kathwada village is not far away. Ahmedabad is in the district, some 20 kilometers away from the city.

But there is no toilet in the village, there is no paved road, pucca houses and 80 out of 100 houses have no electricity connection.

In spite of this, the villagers say that they always voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat election and temple!

Who put these marks in the houses of Ahmedabad?

The only government seen …
Since 1995 BJP has repeatedly formed the government in Gujarat. Narendra Modi has been the Chief Minister of the state for 13 years out of these 22 years.

Vishnu of Kajal’s age also grew up in Gujarat ruled Gujarat. They have also seen the same government.

He could not make some sense about the Congress or its young leader.

Due to the shortage of money in the house and distance from the village to the village, both Kajal and Vishnu have studied up to the eighth.

Neither of the Congress nor the BJP, then who is Vaghela?

Why did BJP forget Patel before the elections in Gujarat?

First time vote …
Vishnu wages daily wages and Kajal now wants to earn money by learning sewing. This time, both are for the first time to cast their vote.

Mascara wants to grow in her village. To come to power so that girls can roam freely at all and become a toilet so that the fields do not have to stand.

He believes that no matter the state of their these problems, “Modi will never come here, they tend to fly up, get down looking right then”, that as well as it also says there is no alternative .

That when your aunt’s house are then sees Narendra Modi’s speech on TV, ‘mind’ is, he heard the well-known leader for them.

In Ahmedabad’s Naroda area there is another reason other than identity and identity that connects the youth of this age with BJP.

If some boys meet, then the layer rate layer comes out.

Gujarat elections to be held in Alappuzha

Why are Rahul Gandhi crying mother?
Subhash Gadhvi with his friends
to the surface…
Subhash Gadhvi is giving government jobs. Say, “Tell me, if someone says that we will build a Ram temple, then you will not vote for it?”

They say that with motorbike and passing through the Muslim-dominated area, it still has to be removed. Whether it has been 15 years since 2002, the fight can happen anytime and the security issue is strong in politics.

But when I ask that the safe passage in Gujarat is so good now? So do not say all together.

Their lack of employment is the biggest problem. They accuse the government of signing MoU but there are no companies and industry at the grassroots level.

Companies also come, jobs do not meet local youth and they feel cheated due to reservations in government jobs.

Is Modi nervous about Gujarat elections?

Bike pay hokey rider, will ask questions of Gujarat
Dharm Raj Jadeja says that three-three interviews are still not available after the job
Resentment with the government …
Dharma Raj Jadeja B.Com Are studying. Some of the 20 years of his life he spent in Jungle village of Kutch and some here in the city.

To get windmills in the village, half of their ancestral land was acquired. Then there the industry was also engaged but it was closed within two years. New job opportunities did not meet the young people there.

The fate of the canal and the faucet of water can not be completed. He explains that the water comes to the village once in a week.

But the point is the same. Both sides of the coin are weird, on one side the government feels angry and on the other hand the identity and security of the ruling party.

Dharma Raj said, “Modi is not even here then three interviews had said ‘mind’ to get a job without an interview, but do …”

Gujarat election: PM Modi’s question of honor

Gujarat: Dealers angry on GST, silence on election
Jignesh Chandrapal
Trust in politics …
Living Jignesh Chanderpaul in a Dalit colony in Ahmedabad and Log without their friends are not so vocal-wrap to say that development is not for the poor people of their community.

In BJP’s Gujarat, there are as many problems in his life as Dalit youth will be in another state.

Jignesh says, “The BJP has made us only Hindu status is close to an election Baki time is difficult to enrolls live backward, schools and colleges.”

We are talking about sitting in a school premises. The road coming up is raw and there is no electricity in the building.

The rooms are patchy and complain that the teachers come in less and the teaching is also less.

But this does not mean that these governments want to change. Belief in politics is less, there is no difference in party special. There is a frustration swinging between a misfortune and anger.

BJP is not easy in Surat

Controversy after Hardik Patel’s alleged CD
Dhanvantik Sohail
Unemployment major problem
Three-hour distance from Ahmedabad, 21 year old Khandhikt Sohail has completed engineering studies in Godhra city  & Looking for more jobs.

Road coming to Godhra city is shiny, but there it gets broken-it gets broken.

Their area also looks like a dalit settlement in Ahmedabad. Unemployment is a big problem here.

Elections will be held in Gujarat on December 9 and 14

GST has fallen, yet ‘Modi ji is good’!
Blonde suhail
Hope from Rahul Gandhi
According to the close friend Gora Suhel, there are two unemployed people in every three men who have completed engineering studies in Godhra.

If there is no large factory in the area then the maximum youth is passing through their small business. Gora now expects young leader Rahul Gandhi.

He says, “Nothing has been expected from a party for so many years, Rahul Gandhi has said that if he wipes unemployment, then he should give them a chance.”

And if there is no change in this election then? Then laugh and say, “Then see, the development has gone crazy ….

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