Will the peanut spoil the political game in Gujarat?

_99182705_gujarat-farmers-pti.jpgThe price of peanuts available to farmers is a big issue in Gujarat elections, whose discussion has been suppressed before the coverage of the temple, Pakistan and Modi’s Sea Plane.

Peanut is known in Gujarat by both these names. Low water, adequate sunshine and some more temperatures than normal are extremely essential for good yield of groundnut, which has received this same year as the peanut crop this year and the state has recorded record production.

For the last decade, Gujarat has been the top in the field of growing peanuts, but due to this growing yield, prices have fallen and farmers are unable to recover the cost.

The Center has kept the minimum support price (MSP) for 2017-18 (Rs. 4,450 per quintal) which is more than 200 rupees more than last year. The State Government is giving Rs. 50 / – to the peanut farmers at the rate of Rs. 4,500 from the Center. It appears in the figures that there is an increase of some rupees, but the reality is not such.

‘Farmers and farmers are killing in the country’

Why the farmers angry in Maharashtra?

‘Peanut can not get the price’

The government does not have adequate warehouses and agricultural product market committees do not get the fair price of groundnut.

Explains Khojji Bhai Gojia, former president of Soma, “There is a total production of 3.5 million tonnes i.e. around 19 million sacks in the entire state.”

At the same time, they also raise the question that “the government will buy one or two crore bills, but what will happen to the remaining 17 crore sacks? The government will have to think about it.”

He says, “The government has increased the minimum support price to 900 rupees, but farmers get the market price of Rs 700.”

According to Khimji Bhai, “Government purchases will last till March, there is no place in the warehouses, so purchasing centers are not buying any more.” The goods are not coming from the trains. Who will pay the farmers for the cars there? ”

However, Khimji brothers deny that no commission is being taken from the farmers.
Corruption in the purchase of peanuts?

Ashwani Ratnapada, the peanut farmer of Saurashtra, says that 6-7 government procurement centers are in the entire taluka due to which it takes a long line and many farmers do not get number. They are waiting for the sale of their nearly 4 tonnes of peanuts.

He says, “The price is getting very low, even if you are engaged in line in the government center, there is no number even if there is corruption in the purchase.” If you want to sell peanuts, you are asked for money separately. There is no fixed price. ”
Gujarat is one of the leading states in the production of groundnut.
Next crop, last sold not yet

The next sowing of groundnut farmer of Keshav taluka of Junagadh in the fields of Magnbhai Aghera has become gram, but his peanut crop has just been sold halfway.

He says, “18 thousand rupees have been found, but in government centers, procurement is being done by traders, not from farmers.”

Agrahada explains, “The government can not buy the entire crop, the government agencies take the commission, all have to pay a commission, every one thousand rupees is being charged for every 400 kg.”

Maganbhai says, “Commissions should be closed and felony is happening. This time the peanut peasant Gujarat of Gujarat is supporting the Congress.”

Regarding anger, Maganbhai said, “The farmers have become helpless to the farmers.” Last year, the crop was badly damaged, but crop insurance did not get compensation, this time the change will take place. ”
Peanut butter made of peanut
Gujarat tops in groundnut production
India is the second largest peanut producing country in the world. At the same time, the highest production in the country is in Gujarat. About 50 percent of the country’s total groundnut production comes from this state.

Along with this, there has been a steady increase in good quality for the last two years.

About one-fourth of the variety of oilseed crops in India is part of groundnut.

Says Suresh Kaneria, managing director of Kaneria Oil Industries, who is involved in producing maize oil, including groundnut, cotton seeds, soyabeen and sunflower, “Gujarat is the largest peanut producing state in the country, despite its farmers having no profits from its production It should be as much as it should be. The farmers are not getting their fillings. ”
Bhavesh Ravindrabhai Patel now cultivates banana
Peanut farmers
Vaishhodiya farmer Bhavesh Ravindra Bhai Patel, 20 kilometers from Baroda, points out that there was farming even before, but now no longer.

Bhavesh says, “Peanuts seem to work harder but due to low production the farmers have stopped cultivating it, although another major reason behind this is the wild boar which causes great damage to its cultivation.”

Now they are engaged in the production of potato, potato and fenugreek. Gujarat is also one of the top states in the production of banana. However, Bhavesh made it clear that he has nothing to do with the political party and he left the groundnut farming because the profits in banana cultivation are high.

Feed the peanuts to children, drive allergies

This special dish made from ‘orchid’ flowers
How much do you know the peanut?
The scientific name of peanuts is Arachis Hypogia. In South India, peanut cultivation is largely cultivated. In the Bengaluru, the Groundnut Festival is celebrated from the 16th century.

After China, the highest yield of groundnut is in India. It is also called horn or sandfly.
Along with mustard seeds, mustard, soybean, peanut cake is used in abundance as a diet.
If you have heard or eaten about peanut butter, it is made from peanut. In India, there is also a big market of peanut and jaggery. Peanut chikki and groundnut laddus are also very liked.
Peanut oil contains un saturated fats which are unsaturated fats which are beneficial for high blood pressure patients and heart.
This oil is also beneficial in diabetes. It keeps the proper amount of insulin in the body and the blood glucose levels are normal and controlled.
Peanut oil also controls the level of fat present in the body. It is also helpful in reducing body weight.
Because of the richness of vitamin E, peanut oil is also beneficial for hair and skin.
With its use, hair loss and the problem of dandruff can be controlled even with skin wrinkles.

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