Why is ‘development’ saffron at the end of the campaign in Gujarat?

_99180163_c8c6b7d5-2c73-4a16-9aea-998d078194fa.jpgGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s first public meeting in the ground for the Assembly, then there were slogans of “I am evolution, I am Gujarat”.

By saying ‘Adikham Gujarat’ (Adig Gujarat) people were being told about the development there, but when the end of the election campaign came, they were inspired by the Hindutva.

Cutting Shoes and Race of Gujarat Gujarat

‘Or give Allah Gujarat …’


There is no effect of ban on this village in Gujarat.
‘Development has gone crazy’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development car stopped after Pakistan, Aurangzeb, Alauddin Khilji and three divorces. How much such publicity will affect the voting of the second phase?
Senior journalist Ajay Umt says, “Even before the dates for the assembly elections were not fixed, the Congress had created an environment against the BJP under the” development has begun. “In the social media, the ‘development has gone awry’ being viral When the BJP came to know about this, they entered into publicity with new slogans like ‘I am evolution, I am Gujarat’ and ‘Adikham Gujarat’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to repeat the development works in his early rallies. ”

Why does BJP miss the elections in the elections?

Claims and certificates of education in Gujarat

Polarization attempts of votes
Ajay Umat said, “On the other hand Congress continued to question the Gujarat model, Rahul Gandhi questioned OBC, minorities, Dalits, farmers and unemployment.In the meantime Rahul met Hardik, besides Kham tactics that is Kshatriya , Harijan, tribal and Muslim voters tried to unite with him. ”

When the BJP realized this strategy of Congress, then they began to raise the issue of Hindutva.

In this way, in the Gujarat elections, BJP tried to polarize votes by raising Aurangzeb, Alauddin Khilji, three divorces and Pakistan issue.

In Gujarat this lotus will be difficult to blossom?

‘Why Pakistan wants to make Ahmed Patel Gujarat CM?’


How many numbers of Gujarat government?
This time the collision rug

Senior journalist RK Mishra says, “According to the estimation, in the first round of voting, the rural vote was scared in the BJP camp because of which they changed the point of their publicity.”

He further says, “Even when Modi was chief minister, we have seen this style of speech, but the post of Prime Minister does not adorn the politics of this level.”

He said that the way Hardik’s rallies were crowding, it seems that this time the battle is a collision. The people of Gujarat are seeing everything, and the results will be seen in the result. ‘

Development in Gujarat first became ‘paglaya’ then became ‘religious’

Manishankar told Modi to be ‘lowly’


Fariadi Muslims who came to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s MLA and help around
Why Hindutva preference on development?
Political expert Achyut Yagnik says, “When the BJP starts to think that only developmental issues will not work, then they raise the issue of Hindutva. Even when Modi was chief minister, during the 2001-02 elections, Parvez Musharraf’s name was often called ‘ Mian Musharraf “as the issue of further development was delayed as the election campaign was over. Congress started from the very beginning on the issue of development Had given. ”

Gujarat elections to be held in Alappuzha

Is Modi nervous about Gujarat elections?
No change in Congress campaign
Yagnik says, “The Congress has not changed the prevalence of its publicity since the beginning, the party has made unemployment an important issue from the very beginning, this time Rahul has visited entire Gujarat and has understood the problems of land here. During the time when he asked the BJP about ‘development’, the BJP got frustrated and changed the way he used to campaign. ”

The voters of Gujarat will understand the BJP’s agenda whether or not Yagnik says that the ‘middleclass of the city may still be on the BJP side, but rural voters can support the Congress’.

Small and medium enterprises are on the verge of ending. At the same time, businessmen are worried because of GST. It seems that Gujarat’s son is not going to punish the entire plate in this election.

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