Why did not India go with Israel on Jerusalem?

_99327579_gettyimages-809029662.jpgThe day the president of Donald Trump gave the status of Israel’s capital to Israel, the decision was started at a widespread protest from that day.

On Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed a resolution demanding the repeal of the status of the status of Israel to the United States of Israel.

In support of this non-binding resolution of the United Nations, 128 nations voted while 35 countries were absent Nine countries voted against the proposal that means America cooperated.
However, before the polling, BJP leaders were appealing to the Modi government to cooperate with Israel in this matter.

BJP leader Swapn Das Gupta tweeted before UNGA, “India should either be absent from voting or should oppose the proposal of the United Nations in which the American Embassy has been criticized for taking the decision to move to Jerusalem. is. We must stand with Israel. He is our friend. ”

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What is ‘loss’ on Jerusalem?

But India remains one of the countries that support this proposal. That means his vote went against America and Israel.
And there were disappointments in some sections too. The BJP’s second senior leader Subramaniam Swamy said, “India has made a big mistake by not voting with the United States and Israel.”

But why did India do this? In recent times, his relationship with Israel and the United States has come to a halt, but despite this, why did he go with the Palestinians?

Why is Jerusalem the most controversial place in the world?

In the opinion of the experts, there are different reasons for this. According to international affairs expert Professor Kamal Pasha, there are two special reasons for this.
He told BBC Hindi, “There was a majority in the international community about this issue. The meeting of the OIC was held in Istanbul and there was the same. Most of the people were not with it. ”

“In this way India went with International Public Opinion in this case. Swim with the wave. Second, India’s relations with Israel are strengthening, especially in case of arms. But the way he was making the settlement, there was a tension recently. ”

Pasha said, “Tensions have increased in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar over this issue, and India has interests in these countries. In UNGA, India has indicated that our two-way relationship is different but in International Affairs it can be different. ”
He said that on the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital, India has decided to stand with the Muslim world and the European powers.

India has strong relations with Palestine many years ago, for this reason its vote went against Israel in UNGA, Pasha said on this, “Look, Yassir Arafat will not return. Because now the atmosphere is like this and you have to balance it. ”

Against this proposal of the United Nations, the United States, Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Togo voted.
India continues to balance between the Palestinian area and Israel. But, in recent times, it started to look closer to America and Israel.

According to Professor Freedar Khan at the University of Delaware in USA, India runs a very “by the book” and it is important for him in the national interest of India that the United Nations, according to its international rules, mainly due to the Kashmir issue.

Supporting this proposal for India was not new because India has supported it many times in the last 50 years.
The controversy over Jerusalem, the holy city of Israel and the Palestinians is very old and deep.

Jerusalem is also the most controversial issue in the Israel-Arab tensions. This city places a very important place in Islam, Judaism and Christian religions.

These three religions linking Prophet Abraham to his history consider Jerusalem as his sacred place.

This is the reason that for centuries the name of this city has been settled in the hearts of Muslims, Jews and Christians. This city, known as Yerushalayim in Hebrew and Al-Quds in Arabic, is one of the oldest cities in the world.

This city has been occupied many times, has been demolished and rehabilitated again. This is why there is a layer of history hidden in every layer of soil here.

Today Jerusalem remains in the limelight because of division and conflict among people of different religions. But the history of this city also connects these people with each other.

There is an ancient city called the Old City in the center point of the city. The narrow streets and the maze of historic architecture define its four areas – Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Armenian -.
Around it is a fortified security wall around which the most sacred places of the world are located. Each region has its own population.

Christians have two areas because Armenian is also a Christian. The oldest terrain in all the terrain is of Armenians.

It is also the oldest center of Armenians in the world. Armenians in St.James Church and Monastery have preserved their history and culture

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