Why did Modi get a gift from Netanyahu?

_99642156_dedopgcvwaadcft.jpgIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to India are being discussed quite a lot. Netanyahu gave a gift to Modi in this tour.

The Israeli Prime Minister presented a jeep to Prime Minister Modi during a program in Ahmedabad This Jeep is not a common jeep, but a mobile water treatment jeep.

With this help, salt water can be made to clean sweet and dirty water and clean it.

The Prime Minister dedicated this special jeep to the people of Suigam village of Banaskantha District on the Indo-Pak border.

Through this jeep, salt water is sweetened, they are also shown directly from Suigam village with video conferencing.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi said, “Last year, when I went on a tour of Israel, I was shown a vehicle, that vehicle could clean dirty water, the same vehicle has been given to me by Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

How much do you know Modi’s ‘new friend’ Netanyahu?

Prime Minister Modi thanked the Indian Prime Minister for this special gift from the people of the country.
Frontline suugam will get clean water
This jeep will be used to provide clean water to the Suyagam people from the border and to the army personnel stationed there.

The price of this jeep is about US $ 1,11,000. It is used to provide clean water to the forces working in natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and difficult situations.

This jeep is designed to purify the high quality drinking water.

It is able to clean 20,000 liters of sea water and 80,000 liters of dirty or contaminated water in a day. The water cleared by it is according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

Netanyahu is surrounded badly in his own country.
A few things about Jeep
This GAIL mobile water purification vehicle is manufactured in Israel. These vehicles work independently and in an automobile manner.

This is very light. This jeep of 1540 kg can be easily transported anywhere.

It can be connected to any potential water source like rivers, lakes, oceans, wells, highly submerged sources.

Two people can start it in less than thirty minutes. It works on advanced control systems and is capable of working in any season.

It can be kept at least one thousand liters of water at a time.

It does not require much power. Can work on just 12 volts.

How to make Israel a little smaller than Manipur, ‘Superpower’?

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