Why China’s eyes on the results of Gujarat elections?

_99218500_gettyimages-842352348-1.jpgThe decision of this state which will be in its hands for the next five years, will be decided on Monday afternoon.

The eyes of the nation are based on these findings. How much is interested in Gujarat, it shows that the results of Himachal Pradesh are also to come on this day, but its mention is a bit different.

And it is not that Gujarat is just the eyes of the country. The neighboring countries of India are also showing interest in it. The mention of Pakistan came in the Gujarat campaign, but China is showing keen interest in the outcome.

Why China’s Interest?

China’s Communist Party’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ points to this article on Thursday.

It reads: “The second round of elections were concluded on Thursday in the Gujarat state of India and many knowledgeable people in China have kept an eye on it, the outcome of which is to come on Monday.”

Election Commission not only gets ECM hacked

Where is the issue of ‘Hindutva’ this time in Gujarat elections?

“The Gujarat election is a fire test of the Indian voters’ stance on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reformist agenda. And due to China’s growing political closure with India, it is a matter of serious concern for China. ”

Read, what is written by ‘Global Times’
“Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is making a serious effort to save Gujarat from electoral defeat. Before becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, Modi has been the 13th Chief Minister of this state. ”

“Modi’s campaign like ‘Make in India’ and economic reforms like GST are called ‘Modi’s development model’, which Modi said he would implement in the country too.”

‘This thing is very dangerous for Indian democracy’

No Modi, Rahul changed and changed all this

“Though Narendra Modi’s reforms had to be criticized by other political parties and some economists, but the people of Gujarat are the most efficient in reviewing the ‘Gujarat Model’.”

Impact on Chinese companies

“Whatever comes out of the election, it will have a great effect on the opinion of the people related to implementing Modi’s reformist agenda. China’s investment has increased and its direct investment in India in 2016 is more than last year. ”

“The prospects related to India’s economic reforms are directly related to Chinese companies working in India like Shyomi and Oppo.”

“If the BJP makes a big win in the Gujarat elections, then the Modi government will be aggressive about economic reforms and China’s companies like India will also see a change.”

What if the BJP loses?

“But if you look the other way and lose BJP in Gujarat then it will prove to be a major setback for those economic reforms which Modi Government has started.”

“It is also possible that the BJP’s defeat in Gujarat also affects the voters of other states and to avoid any major impact, Modi’s economic reforms should be left in the middle.”

“If the BJP succeeds in winning the Gujarat elections, but its majority are affected, then the problems of India can be seen in the clouds of crisis.”

Point of reference

“Fear of market fear in the market of Gujarat’s defeat in Gujarat underscores the lack of economic reforms in India.”

“People suspect that these reforms have not benefited the small businessmen and ordinary people of the country. The government should find ways that these reforms will support the common people. ”

“China should keep a close eye on the Gujarat campaign of BJP. Companies working in India should be ready for the upheaval in the financial markets in the long term and after the announcement of the next week’s results, the financial markets in India should be prepared for the upheaval

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