‘When people used to say that Indira would leave the country’

_98803346_3976c489-87e7-4477-9c8c-77232644d001.jpgOn 19th November, India’s first woman Prime Minister is Indira Gandhi’s mother.

On what kind of person he was and how his attitude towards the country, the BBC had a detailed discussion with Lord Swaraj Paul, a British billionaire businessman of Indian origin and Lord Swaraj Paul who was a member of the Upper House of the British Parliament.

He told a lot of things about Indira Gandhi and also said that the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s style meets with Indira very much.

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks

Read Lord Swraj Paul’s words in his words
Indira Gandhi was a great figure but people have some misconception about them. He hated corruption. He insisted that corruption was stopped, but the system became such that no one in India wanted to end corruption.
Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi opened the economy for Native Indians People of India’s entrepreneurship and order did not want that immigrants come here because the local economy was in the hands of a few people. They kept Hindustan behind.

In 1983, I said that India was the only country where the owner is rich and the companies are poor, which you will find that is happening today.

When Indira Gandhi opened the economy for immigrants, then her finance minister Pranab Mukherjee was. Much has happened, but I think that Indira did not get all the credit for what she did for India.

They strengthened India’s image all over the world and since then only Narendra Modi has strengthened India’s image. The funny thing is that if you see the style of Modi, then it gets to a great extent with Indira Gandhi.

When Castro took Indira from the chest

‘Bansi Lal’ wanted to make Indira ‘President for Life’
Indira who can not
Modi has taken steps against corruption. Fortunately, they are also successful in this. He is his acceptance in the whole world, you can see it in India. Rather, he is being criticized for what Indira Gandhi was also doing. But at that time many people in the country were extremely powerful in the system and industry. Right now, Modi has reduced the power of industrialists.

I think Modi is successful in what Indira Gandhi could not do.

I do not recommend to the Prime Minister because the whole country chooses them. And of course, there is something special between them. But according to me, the country’s progress will be only by tackling corruption. Indira Gandhi tried very hard for this but she could not succeed in it.

Janata Jhami in front of which Indira Gandhi did not even

‘He was the leader who was named Indira Gandhi’
Lord Swraj Paul
Non-required Indians

When I thought of investing in India, the word NRI came for me. Which then meant “Non-required Indians.” If NRI had got permission in India then today the economy of India is somewhere else.

In 1990 the economy was set up because of economic difficulties. I would like to point out that NRIs are more eager to contribute to their country. we are proud.

During the half-hour interview in the BC World Service in the eighties, Steve Richards had asked me, “Lord Paul, what percentage of you are Indian, and how many percent are British.” So I replied that ‘I am 100% Indian and 100% British. And I am proud of both of them. ‘ The same is the opinion of most NRIs. Modi is successful, he is very strong for this and we want this only.

If I was Indira Gandhi then I would have been in Congress.
Indira was sad because she was called dictator
Indira Gandhi was considered to be a very tough person. But he was a great figure. They were very sad when they were called dictators.

My first visit to him was in 1957, when I went to meet Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of that time, but at that time only I had met visiting Indira ji for doing Namaste.

After that I had come to London to get treatment for my sick daughter. My daughter’s condition was not such that I should take her back to India and it was too late for me to meet other people in the family living in India.

The family members had tried to come to London but at that time the permission of the Reserve Bank of India to buy Air India tickets was also required.

In this way, I wrote a letter to Indira ji that she wants to meet children. I was surprised when I came to know that the people of Indian Embassy in London were searching for me that your work has been done, you can call your children here.
Emergency Indira not decided
Being a prime minister, he took immediate action on the letter of a common man. What can be more humility than this?

His actual visit came in 1971 when he came to London after Bangladesh was formed. At that time the Western media was against them. I tried to tell the media that whatever Indira ji was doing was absolutely right.

After this we started the process of friendship of both of us.

When Allahabad High Court canceled his election in 1975, then I was in India at the time.

His decision to impose an emergency was not his, but his advisers pressurized him The decision was made. Although his thinking was absolutely clear that the emergency was being implemented for a short time.


Indira Gandhi – ‘Iron Lady’ or ‘That Woman’
Were happy with the flowers
When the election was lost in 1977 and the Janata Party government became so many people used to say that they would leave the field and run away, leaving the country and going somewhere else. But he had the conviction that he would not go anywhere and would contest against his political opponents right here.

After winning the by-election of Chikmagalur in 1978, when he became a Lok Sabha MP, I offered him a party to come to London and he came to London. The media here and many politicians were against them.

I met him several politicians including many MPs and Labor Party Chief Michael Foot and met the Indians living in Britain and the way they were welcomed, I was convinced that their contact with the people was not broken.

He was more sincere than the extent, he used to meet him, then he took only the flowers and he was very happy with it.

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