When Indira said, it is beneficial to have thick skin in politics

_98762640_5936482b-b7da-4656-9565-6171b1b1867d.jpgIndira Gandhi is mostly shown as a serious figure. He is rarely shown as a happy, attractive person and a person concerned about others.

He was a strong speaker, he was also interested in things outside of politics, he was the mascot of fascinating personality. He was a compatible choice of artists, writers, painters and talented people, and his senses of humor was also great.

On 31 October 1984, when he was murdered, my life, like spring went forever. They excited me that I should always have affection for everyone and respect everyone.

I am thankful to them, I can not tell how much they have taught me, how much I have given them. Perhaps I know more than I have given them far more than that.

Indira and Firoz’s relationships were engulfed

‘He was the leader who was named Indira Gandhi’

He used to sympathize with those who thought about their life and decided to go back from facing problems. Those who used to swear, they used to have a sharp eye of their eyes, and used to treat them as they were cowardly, as if they were to be done with a spirited person.

They broke many social and political bonds. It was like a fad of freedom, which was full of strength.

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks

Political Biographies: Let the Secret Have a Secret

His first letter written to me
On August 28, 1968, he wrote a letter to me with his hand. This was the first letter I wrote for him that he wrote on the birth of my son Jagat. they wrote –

Dear Natwar,

When my secretary told me this good news I tried to talk to you, but for some reason I could not talk to you.

I congratulate you on the arrival of a small guest at your house. May God bless you with happiness and make you proud when you grow up.

Yours sincerely,

Indira Gandhi
On January 27, 1970, I sent a small note to Indira Gandhi.

To address you correctly (Dear Madam, Madam, Dear Mrs. Gandhi, Dear Mrs. Gandhi, Dear Prime Minister) After a lot of efforts, I lost and thought that I should write this letter in a note form. I wrote –

Over two weeks have passed and I am forced to stay in a wooden bed made of wood because I am upset with slipdesk. On 11th, I bowed to my son Jagat to pick up the teddy bear on the floor and this happened. I thought that when I would be forty, I would have more reasons to be happy and the pain in this age would be less. I am away from Delhi these days which makes this pain more painful. And this is because of the tolerance because I am just like that.

My main job is to stay asleep and keep on the roof and do not think about it anymore that it has come to be painted now.

‘Haksar got away and Indira Gandhi’s troubles started’

‘Fathers are also harmful’
Indira’s answer came on January 30 they wrote-

I know that you are on vacation, but I had no idea that you are sick and that is not coming to work for this reason. I know how sad the slip disc can be. Our condolences are with you, but due to this you will get the time to think about your past, today and tomorrow, which we all need from time to time.

You can imagine what the atmosphere is all week during Republic Day in Delhi, especially when there are fiery issues in front of us and VIPs from abroad are in our country. I am going for a tour tomorrow morning. Hopefully you will return soon after being healthy.

Do you remember that something similar happened with KPS Menon? They had to stand for some time in the post of Ajanta statue. Now you know that there are some disadvantages to becoming a father too!

When Yasir Arafat was angry

The seventh conference of the Non-Aligned Movement was to be held on March 7, 1983. This conference was held in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. I was secretary general at that time.

On the very first day of the conference, we had to face a big problem as to how to calm Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Chairman Yasser Arafat. Before his speech, the king of Jordan was allowed to speak, because of which he was feeling humiliated.

They decided that they would return from Delhi after lunch. I called Prime Minister Indira Gandhi whether she could come to Vigyan Bhawan. I also told them that they came with Cuban President Fidel Castro. He told Castro all the things that immediately sent a message to Arafat.

When Castro helped Indira …

Indian Tantric showed that Thatcher’s future
Castro asked Arafat, “Are you a friend of Indira Gandhi?” Arafat said, “Friend, she is my elder sister, I will do anything for her.”

Castro overturned and said, “Then behave like a younger brother and take part in the afternoon session.” After this Arafat took part in the conference.

When Castro took Indira from the chest

‘Fidel Castro used to love India’

Commonwealth countries summit in New Delhi in November 1983 The conference took place. In this I was the chief organizer.

On the second day of the conference a big problem arose. The Prime Minister came to know that Queen Elizabeth II is organizing a ceremony to honor Mother Teresa in Order of Merit in the second presidential building.
The Prime Minister ordered me to investigate the truth. I did that and I came to know that the ceremony was being organized in Rashtrapati Bhavan. But in the Rashtrapati Bhavan itself no other than the President can organize such a ceremony.

The Prime Minister told me that I should tell the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that the Queen could not be allowed to organize an installation ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Mrs. Thatcher said that it is too late now to change the place and now the Queen will get annoyed by doing so. I told this to Indira ji.

She got annoyed with this and told me to talk to Mrs. Thatcher again and said that I would tell her that the issue will rise in Parliament on the second day and the Queen will be criticized. This thing sorted out the problem and the ceremony was not organized. The Queen honored Mother Teresa with ‘Order of Merit’ in the garden from Rashtrapati Bhavan.

America can end leadership: Natwar

Nehru & # 39; s Love Letter & quot;
It was a relief that Mother Teresa had no information about what happened.

On the last day of the Commonwealth convention, I sought permission to meet Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. I told them that I have been part of the Indian Foreign Service for 31 years and now I want to say goodbye to this work. I said that if he permits, then I want to step in politics. They gave me permission.

When Bhupesh had said … ‘then the life of Indira Gandhi’s son does not go away’

When JP asked Indira, how will your expenditure go?

I met him at South Block on 28th November. I told him that within a day or two, I will go to Bharatpur and start my political life. My first priority would be to buy kurta pajamas and jawahar kiosks for myself new clothes i.e. Khadi.

He said, “Now you are stepping in politics, it is always beneficial to have thick skin.”

(Congress leader Natwar Singh has been a former foreign minister, for some time he has worked as a secretary in the Foreign Ministry, in his autobiography ‘One Life This Not Enough’ he wrote about Indira Gandhi and Gandhi family. is. )

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