‘When I was angry with Indira Gandhi’

_98813040_indira-gandhi-100-yearsIndira Gandhi’s personality is full of contradictions and her legacy will continue to debate for decades. I have live experience of two visits with them.

One meeting was held during anti-Hindi agitation. Then there were three or four days of agitation. Due to the anti-Hindi movement in 1965, there was a huge setback in Tamil Nadu politics. This movement had a major impact on politics.

Indira Gandhi then became the Information and Broadcasting Minister a few days ago. The Ministry of Indira Gandhi had issued a circular in Hindi and due to this circular, the anti-Hindi movement got windy.

My grandmother Amu Swaminathan was a big leader of the Congress. He was very close to the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Meeting with Indiraji
Indiraji came to my grandmother’s house. Then I was also there too. I was in a very unstable situation. I was emotionally upset too much. Then Indira Gandhi’s personality was quite balanced and calm.

‘Gungi Gudiya’ How did Indira Gandhi become Iron Lady?

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

‘When people used to say that Indira would leave the country’
Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru
Indira Gandhi sat down and she started talking about my anti-Hindi movement against my grandmother.

He told how he was disturbed by this movement. Indira ji spoke about the continuation of the anti-Hindi movement.

At that time I was a college student. There was also anger in my mind about this movement. I interfered in the conversation of both of them and told Indira Ji that there is a whole mistake in it.

I said that this is the Ministry of your own, which has caused a whole lot of disorder due to a circular and now you are talking about restoring peace. They looked at me and asked how I know everything about it.
I told him that I am a supporter of this movement. This was despite having been a Hindi-speaking one.

Indira ji’s heartburn increased after my reply. They started asking me a few questions. Indira ji was interested in the students involved in this movement. I saw people closely involved in this movement.

I talked about Indira’s harsh actions of the government. I said that his government is firing and isolating the Tamils.

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks

When Castro took Indira from the chest
‘Invitation to join Congress’

I said that they should apologize about it. She was completely surprised and left after a few minutes. Although later he had apologized incomplete, but by then it was a lot of delay.

The second time Indiraji met before the Bangladesh war. Then he was a very powerful prime minister and I was an inexperienced trade union leader in Kanpur. My union had suffered a lot of harassment in the Rayon factory.

I had contacted the Prime Minister’s Office about this. I talked about an appointment with which he had accepted. I met at his office located in Parliament. I spoke to them about the problems of the union. He listened to me with patience and said that he will talk to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kamalpati Tripathi.
I had asked him if he could not interfere directly, then Indira ji smiled. He said that there is a way to do things.

After this we talked about our grandmother and her friend. His health was not well. I remember that he had said that we should go and move the maternal maternity leave.

After that I left the place. Indira ji spoke to Tripathi and he helped from his level. He had sent a Congress leader to me that I should join the Congress.

When I refused that leader to come to the Congress, he said that Indira ji thought that you would join the party

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