What is the connection between Delhi and Israeli city Haifa?

_99601565_indian_lancers_in_haifa_1918.jpgThe capital’s three statue chowk will now be called the three statue Haifa Chowk.

Many people in Delhi can come to the question that what is the connection between the three idols of Chhatta and Haifa in New Delhi?

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself reached the airport for his acceptance and both of them reached this square, where there was an official ceremony related to change of name.

The two leaders presented flowers there and signed a memorial message in the Visitors’ Book.

Why is Israel necessary for India?

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What did Modi write?
In this Modi wrote that he ‘bow down the sacrifice of those Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to free the Haifa city.’

“One of these emeralds was written 100 years ago, which tells the story of the sacrifice of Indian soldiers in Haifa.The hundred years of this sacrifice are being completed, and on this historic occasion this place is named after the three Murthy-Haifa Chowk In the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel, we salute brave soldiers. ”

Why did this city of Israel, which is located more than four thousand kilometers away from Delhi, suddenly became so important? Before answering it, it is important to know about Haifa.

Haifa is actually the port city of Northern Israel, which is adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea on the other side and Mount Carmel on the other side.

This city is also a Bahá’í World Center, which is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

‘Warmness of strengthening the campaign of Judeo-Hindu Nation’

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What is the relation of the city of Israel?
Now the question is what does the hyphea of ​​the three statues in a crossroads of Delhi have to do with the city?

To know the relationship between these two, we will peep in 1918.

These three statues of bronze actually represent Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Mysore lancers, which were part of the 15th Imperial Service Cavalry Brigade.

During the First World War, these three units together on September 23 had won a victory by releasing Haifa from occupation.

This city was occupied by the combined army of the Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary.

And it was necessary to win it because the way of the ocean of transport to the Allies forces went through this way.

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Why were the Indian soldiers in Haifa dead?
44 Indian soldiers were killed in this fight while fighting for the British rule. Even today 61 cavalry misses September 23 as Rising Day or Haifa Day.

On this day, the 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade was ordered to capture Haifa.

Ottoman Empire’s artillery and artillery were deployed in the area between the peaks of Nahr al-Mughtah and Mount Carmel.

Brigade’s Jodhpur lancers were ordered to occupy this position while Mysore Lancers were instructed to grow by attacking the eastern side of the city.

Mysore Lancers personnel took possession of an important position after climbing the stairs and calm the firing.

Jodhpur Lancers and the remaining soldiers of Mysore attacked German machine guns.

Secret relationship between India and Israel?

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The fight was very difficult
He stepped up towards the position of Ottoman and AKrey crossed the railway line but he was fired heavily from machine guns and artillery.

Because of the soil due to the soil on the river, he had problems moving forward, he started moving towards the small peaks of Mount Carmel from the left.

The regiment captured 30 soldiers, captured two machine guns and two camel guns, which cleared the way of Haifa.

Meanwhile, Jodhpur Lancers continued to move forward, from which soldiers in the defensive position could come in.

Both of these Regiment survived the knees of 1350 Ottoman and German soldiers, including military officers.

Major Dalpat Singh Shekhawat, Commander of Jodhpur Lancers was killed in this battle and he was later rewarded with military honors Military Cross.

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