Was Indira Gandhi really the most powerful Indian Prime Minister?

_98813040_indira-gandhi-100-yearsThe title of Indira Gandhi’s latest biography written by Sagarika Ghosh tells him the most powerful Prime Minister of India. If that is the case, why did he go with his hand whenever he got the power?

I think his mistake was that he did not understand this thing that getting power is one thing to use its power. Secondly,

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

When Indira said, becoming a father is also a loss
And want to gain strength
Instead of strengthening the institutions, he weakened them. If he did that, he would get a lot of help in making effective use of power.

One of his weaknesses was that when he needed action, he did not take action, and when the situation started to deteriorate, excessive reaction started.

It is also strange that their fall started at the time when they were on top of their power.

After defeating Pakistan in the Bangladesh war, when he was the most powerful, he tried to concentrate more on power. While it was necessary that he would promote his ability to use power.

Party and bureaucracy, he had two such weapons with whose help he used to run his power. But he kept all the power in his hands and weakened both the party and the bureaucracy.

His father, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, showed great respect for democracy within the Congress party.

Nehru used to understand that if the states do not have strong leadership then the party will not be effective at the state level.

He allowed the Chief Ministers to use their rights.

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks
Unconstitutional post given to Sanjay
On the contrary, Indira Gandhi used to consider any kind of freedom for the chief ministers as a threat to her power.

The situation got worse when he had given the party its right to his son Sanjay in the family establishment, whose party had no place according to the Constitution.

The result was that during the leadership of Jayprakash Narayan in the seventies, when the agitation against their policies started, the party was not in the position that they would compete with them.

To counter this crisis, they tried to get more strength by declaring an emergency.

The extent to which the sycophancy was dominated by the party, it can be estimated from the fact that the then Congress President Devkant Barua gave this slogan,

“Indira is India, and India Indira”

For the bureaucracy, including the police, to effectively play some role in their autonomy, it is also necessary to control other institutions to ensure that autonomy rules are implemented.

However, Indira Gandhi kept a “committed civil service” and more dangerous “committed judiciary” for Indian democracy.

It is clear that he wanted the bureaucracy and the judiciary to remain committed to him and not to the Constitution as it should have been.

When Castro took Indira from the chest

‘When I was angry with Indira Gandhi’
Indira’s weak bureaucrat
But after the war in Bangladesh, Indira Gandhi was somewhat misinterpreted.

Increased international prices of oil, which spoiled the trade balance. Simultaneously, the farmers were affected by the failure of the monsoon and the agriculture was also affected by this and all of them together destroyed the devastation.

The bureaucracy was so impressed with the sycophancy that he was completely incapable of dealing with all these problems.

Apart from this, at the same time, Indira promoted protectionism in the economy so much that the red tape has thrown up the emerging enterprise of India.

Nationalization of the banks removed the control of business houses from them, but if Indira had improved the banking at the same time, then the bank could have done a lot to fulfill the purpose of Indira to save the farmers from the clutches of the assessees.

The damage done to Indira’s bureaucracy and her party contributed to her fall during the Emergency.

Due to the bureaucracy’s weakness, the local authorities kept their minds on applying policies to clean up the family planning and slum areas during the Emergency.

Cartoon: Indira canteen lentils

Know how is the food of Indira canteen?
Bhindrawal changed the pananta
There was no limit to the sycophancy of the party, and no one dared to tell the high command the ground reality.

After the Emergency, after the election defeat in 1977, to win again, she fought like Indira Lioness and after three years, she succeeded in it.

But after this, once again his whole focus was concentrated on getting strength.

Earlier this time, he tried to weaken the Opposition government in Punjab and encouraged Saint Jarnail Bhindrawal to protest against the Akali Dal in power.

Bhindranwale challenged his power by changing Pantra – which resulted in Operation Blue Star in the Golden Temple and then Indira was murdered.

If Indira Gandhi was ready to take a tough decision she should have arrested Bhindranwale even before the golden temple was confiscated and transforming the Akal Takht into a fort.

During the Punjab crisis He also made the Farooq Abdullah Government of Kashmir unsettled. This was the beginning of the problems that Kashmir has been fighting for today.

Will Narendra Modi want a ‘tough’ image like Indira?

‘Indira had already had the suspicion of killing Sheikh Mujib’
Indira has been very harmful

Indira Gandhi was a strange woman – on one hand she was such a courageous woman who fought alone to live in this male dominated world, but at the same time, there was also an insecure woman who was afraid of danger all the time, in making big decisions He used to do so until he was forced to do so.

In spite of this, during the Bangladesh war, he did not bend the American threats and kept refusing to take action and continued to pressurize Pakistan until Pakistan attacked them first.

But Indira damaged most Indian institutions and the Congress party, which had far-reaching effects.

He later admitted that his policies for the Indian economy have suppressed its development capabilities. But during their time there was a Green Revolution.

If I was Indira Gandhi then I would have been in Congress.

‘Gungi Gudiya’ How did Indira Gandhi become Iron Lady?
Slogan “Garibi Hatao”
He established the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), furthering his father’s policies of independent scientific research.

Indira was a nature lover, and because of this the project Tiger started to save this magnificent animal from the danger of extinction.

In his famous speech at the United Nations Environment Conference in Stockholm, Indira was the first person to link the poverty to the protection of the environment.

But perhaps above all, Indira gave voice to the poor of India.

His socialism can be misinterpreted, his administration was ineffective, but when he gave a slogan “Garibi Hatao”, the poor never doubted that they did not intend to do so.

Anyone who is skeptical about this may still see the tension of villagers who reach their museum after 40 years.

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