The truth of Indira Gandhi’s ‘Private Life’ chapter

_96968974_fe8d5ead-e05e-4860-9e7a-a5e8eb1ceace.jpgIndira Gandhi, who was known as the ‘Iron Lady’ of India, was famous for her tough decisions in the world.

People are talking again on Indira Gandhi in the 100th year of birth but these things are happening for very personal and objectionable reasons.

There is talk of a story related to Indira Gandhi on social media these days. The reason is that ‘Shi’, a book titled ‘Reminiscences of Nehru Age’, published in 1978 by Jawaharlal Nehru’s private secretary Mo Mathai.
Now why did Indira come to the discussion?
Discussions are underway on the social media ‘Chai’. It is being claimed that this is the same chapter, which was removed from the book of MO Mathai.

The portions of this chapter are quite private, in which many objectionable things are mentioned.
What is the truth of the chapter of Matthi’s book?
There are two types of claims regarding this chapter. One claim is that there was no such chapter in the book, it was just publicized for the promotion of the book.

The second claim is that in the book, there was a chapter on Indira Gandhi, in which there was information about the alleged relations of Indira Gandhi and Mo Mathai but it was not printed.
What did the experts say on Mathai’s alleged chapter?
Says senior journalist Kuldeep Nayyer, “When my book ‘The Judgment’ was printed and sold on the Emergency in 1977. Then the development publication who wrote Mathai’s ‘Reminiscences of Nehru Edge’ sent me the handwriting of the book and asked whether these impressions or not. I advised that all the impressions should be done without the letter of Chapter. But later this chapter was circutized. ”

About the description of Shi Chapters, Kuldeep Nayyar explains that he did not read the full chapter or book. He says, “I was not interested. So I did not read the full chapter. ”
What did the publisher of Mathai’s book say?

Narinder Kumar, managing director of Development Publishing House, who was reprinted by Kuldeep Nayar’s claims, said in the interaction with the BBC, “There was no such chapter from Mathai ever to appear in the book. Nor did we print such a chapter If no chapter of Shi was ever in existence then there is no question of removing the chapter. ”
Disclosing Nayar’s claims, Narendra Kumar says, “Kuldeep Nayar ji is saying this why, I do not say anything about this. It’s such an old thing. Every day hundreds of books are printed, remember how much.”

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