The role of Swaminarayan sect in Gujarat’s politics?

_99100106_gettyimages-619017438.jpgThere is a saying in Gujarati that if you are a saint then Swaminarayan’s If you forget this proverb to take it lightly then you will miss defining the politics of Gujarat.

The power of Swaminarayan sect and ‘Mahima’ have never been challenged by the politics of Gujarat. Last year, when the main lord of the sect passed away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Gujarat expressing anguish over Delhi.

And it’s not just about Prime Minister Modi. Those who have power in Gujarat, have remained with Swaminarayan sect. It is also said that Swaminarayan sect has always been close to power.

After all, what is there in this community that no one has raised a finger on his sadhus and no challenge was found?

Where is the Opposition in front of Modi-Shah duo?

‘BJP in Gujarat is nowhere, if only Modi’
Statue of Swaminarayan in the Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar
Ghanshyam Pandey of Chappayya in Uttar Pradesh created a world of Swaminarayan sect that by year 2000 only 30 temples of Swaminarayan were converted into America. There are many temples of Swaminarayan in America with South America, East Africa and UK.

Prashant Shah, senior Gandhian political analyst, Ahmedabad, says, “Even before December 6, 1992, there was a connection between the Ayodhya of Gujarat and for this, we must thank Ghanshyam Pandey. Ghanshyam Pandey had come to Dwarka After coming here, Sahajanand became the master and later became Swaminarayan. He would also call them Shri Jai Maharaj. ”

Ghanshyam Pandey had reached Dwarka in Saurashtra from the shadow of Ayodhya in the days of Jawani. After Dwarka, he reached Ahmedabad. People say that Pandey left a mark of his charisma personality that he soon became a Swanand Swami from Ghanshyam.

Prakash Shah says that when 200 years ago Ghanshyam Pandey laid the foundations of Swaminarayan sect, there were some good things too.

Modi speaks wrongly or erroneously in Gujarat
The Swami’s live picture in front of the statue of Swaminarayan at Akshardham temple of Gandhinagar
They tried to bring non-Brahmin and non-Biyaan castes in the mainstream. Prakash Shah believes that “Every organization first does something to set itself up so that more people can join with it, but, as soon as things get organized, the real face comes out.”

Gaurang Jani says that Sahityand Swamiji had won his temple.

Achyut Yagnik of Center for Social Knowledge and Action, Ahmedabad, points out that in the 19th century Swaminarayan called his two nephews from the UP. One was given the throne of Kalupur temple and the second nephew of the temple of the Vadal Mandir.

But the people did not come to the throne to give him the throne of his two nephews. The protest began. After the opposition, the Swaminarayan sect was divided into two camps. The tribe of Ghanshyam Pandey accepted the tradition of tradition and the other camp adopted the tradition of the sadhu.

Modi challenging BJP in the fort

Two types of Patel: Who is with Hardik and who is with Modi?
Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar
In the 20th century, Shastri Maharaj of the Sadhu tradition drove the new throne. This casket was named after Bokhansvanya Akshay Purshottam Sect. This community is popular in modern times by the name of the Baps. The people of the Baps tradition are called the Sadhus tradition.

Swaminarayan sect is a part of the Vaishnava tradition and it is said that it came out challenging the dominance of Brahmins and Jains. It also raised the tradition of Vallabhacharya in the courtroom.

Achyut Yagnik points out that the Patidars have been dominated by those of the Baps tradition. In front of the Baps tradition, the power of the Swaminarayan sect, which had a tradition of descendants, was reduced. Character was Purushottam Patidar.

Says Yagnik: “At the end of the 19th century, the economic status of the Patidars has become very strong. In the meantime, the scope of Vallabhbhai Patel, who was associated with the Patidar community, was also increasing. ”

Indeed, at the end of the 19th century and at the end of the twentieth century there was a famine. Yagnik says that “To avoid the famine, Patidars went to East Africa and England in large numbers. At the same time, due to Vallabhbhai Patel, a large number of people joined the Congress. Patidars also started spreading in small, medium industries.

Is Modi pushing more crowds than Hardik Patel?
Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar
Yogi Maharaj got the throne after the letter Purushottam and after him came the master masters. The main master was also Patidar. The idol of the master lord in Akshardham temple in Delhi.

Yagnik points out that there are two types of bania in Gujarat – a Vaishnav Bania and another Jain Bania. The strength of both of them was challenged by the bosses. Gaurang Jani, a professor of social science at Gujarat University, points out that Swaminarayan is the emergence of patriarchism in Gujarat.

The power of the Swaminarayan sect can be estimated by the fact that in 1987, well-known historian of Gujarat, Makrand Mehta wrote an article against Swaminarayan and was sued. That litigation is still going on. Then there was the Congress government and Amar Singh Chaudhary was the chief minister.

Yagnik says that Swaminarayan got strength due to scandal due to women of Vallabhacharya and Vithalacharya. Keeping this scandal in mind, this rule was made that the sadhus of the Swaminarayan sect could not even see women. This rule is equally tough today.
Gaurang Jani said, “The father of Vallabhbhai Patel used to sit in Swaminarayan temple. Rajmohan Gandhi has mentioned an interesting story in his book on Patel. He wrote that a saint of Swaminarayan was caught in a lawsuit, then the father of Vallabhbhai Patel asked his son to save that monk. On this Sardar Patel had told his father that he would pay for what he did. ”

According to Prakash Shah, “there was a settlement between the Swaminarayan sect and the British rulers. They used to help each other. Gandhiji felt that this community is promoting madness in the name of religion.

After all, what was that article of Makrand Mehta that he was sued?

Prakash Shah says that what Makrand Mehta wrote was a solid foundation. He had written that Sahajanand Swami told his disciples that “You should praise me so much that my glory is everywhere.” He had asked to tell people about miracles.

Why did BJP forget Patel before the elections in Gujarat?

Whose claim on Sardar Patel’s politics – BBC News Hindi
The idol of the Swaminarayan sect founder Sahajanand Swami’s statue
Prakash Shah explains that in the last 25 years, the Swaminarayan sect has been deeply in contact with politics. He said that his relationship with the Bharatiya Janata Party has been very good.

Shah says, “Like BJP’s Hindu religion has good relations with other sects and centers of power, it is also here with Swaminarayan. Whether Baba Ramdev or Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Most BJP has good relations. Relationship between BJP and Swaminarayan is very important. Swaminarayan’s only organization is Anupam Missions who appoint VC in the university. ”

Prakash Shah says that Congress had started Satyagraha in Gujarat for the entry of Dalits in the Swaminarayan Temple. The first Dalits were not allowed to enter the temples first. Shah says that in the temple in Swaminarayan also there is discrimination against caste among the sadhus. He said that saffron wears high caste and white lower caste people.

‘Modi’s havoc to land in roar’
Says Gaurang Jani: “Swaminarayan sect for BJP is like Urwar land. BJP put Gandhi behind and swatched Swaminarayan.

According to Darshan Desai, senior journalist of Ahmedabad, a donation from the Swaminarayan temple to political parties is also available.


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