The Palestinian girl, who smashed the Israeli soldier

_99641781_05bfaf84-f263-49c7-ab75-32b1702a5504.jpgFor some people it is a symbol of resistance and for some, Palestinian Propaganda is a weapon, but it is certain that the 16-year-old girl is now a familiar face both in the Palestinian area and in Israel.

Ahmad Tamimi was arrested by Israel in December. They were accused of attacking a soldier and inciting violence.

On Wednesday, the judge told the Israeli Military Court to keep him in custody until the hearing began.
Palestinian people in support of Ahmad Tamimi
This is the matter of December. Two Israeli army personnel stood on the shoulders. At the same time, two Palestinian teenagers come from behind. One of them is Ahmad Tamimi.

Ahmad Tamimi screams at the soldiers, “Get out. Move from here. “When this anger does not affect Israeli soldiers, then Ahmad Tamimi slaps the cheeks of Israeli soldiers armed with weapons and pushes them.
This video of Ahad Tamimi’s assassination by the Israeli soldiers was on December 15 and became viral on social media. Palestinians are sharing this video fiercely.

Just three days after this incident, Israel officials from West Bank had arrested Ahmad Tamimi in the darkness of the night.

Israel imposed 12 lawsuits against Ahmad Tamimi, including stone pelting and attacking. Since Ahad Tamimi’s arrest, people in many places started performing for their independence.
What did Ahad’s family say?
Ahad Tamimi’s family says that they were performing in the realm of the law. The army of Israel says that the soldiers in the video were posted there to stop the stone pelting.

Many of the Palestinians are telling Ahad to be the hero of protest against Israel.

Apart from Ahad Tamimi, his cousin Noor Tamimi also appears in the video. Noor was also arrested for obstructing the work of the soldiers.

Ahmed, who posted this video and posted on social media, has also been arrested. Ahad’s father alleged that during the arrest the Israeli army made a tear gas fire at home.
Ahmad Tamimi (left)
What did the Israeli army say?
The Israeli army had said, “Some Palestinians were gathering in a house in the place where this video is being located, and they were stoning stones at soldiers. The soldiers took the fascias out of these houses and kept on the doors so that they could not enter the house again. After this, some Palestinian women started assaulting the soldiers. ”

The army says that one of the two people in the video is the commander of the army, who did not respond to anything and behaved properly with Tamimi.

At the same time, Ahmad Tamimi’s father said, “Although the behavior of soldiers in the video seems to be pity, but generally the Israeli army is not such. I have a problem with what my daughter did. ”
In 2015 when Israeli troops collapsed on Ahad
Two years ago a video of Ahad Tamimi was viral. In this video, he was looking to cut the hands of Israeli soldier with teeth.

At that time, Israeli soldiers captured a Palestinian boy who was allegedly throwing stones at soldiers.

After the announcement of US President Donald Trump’s recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the incidents of violence in Palestine have increased.
Anat Berko, who belongs to the political party of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, says, “Now if he is in jail he will have to pay the price and it will be of great value.”

“I felt very bad to know that the family did nothing to stop it. Their motive was to be provoked and our brave soldiers showed patience and did not provoke them despite provoking. ”

Now Tamimi’s father Basam says, “Obviously I am worried but I am proud of my daughter. I am happy that he became the symbol of the new generation of resistance. ”

He said, “People who are saying that they know this and all this is a drama, then I want to ask them how to bring these soldiers to our house and play them.”

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