The missile, which Netanyahu wants to sell to Modi

_99643814_0956f57c-b66e-450f-894f-35fe43051487.jpgIsrael’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this late night at his Twitter handle. Netanyahu is on a six-day trip to India. On Wednesday, he was in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat with Prime Minister Modi.

Giving information about this deal, he wrote, “After talks with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian government has informed me that the Spike Anti Tanks Missile Deal is on track again, it is very important for Israel. There will be more such deals between the two countries in days. ”
It is very important to know that in the month of 2017, India had canceled the Spike Anti Tanks Missile Deal with Israel.

At that time, the Ministry of Defense argued that the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will make a similar world class missile for the next four years i.e. until 2022.

At that time the deal was reported to be 500 million dollars. But this time the deal is expected to be slightly more economical.

But now with the new agreement with Israel, waiting for four years will end.

Why is Israel necessary for India?
Spike anti-tank Missile specialties?
According to defense affairs expert Rahul Bedi, Spike is a human portable missile. This means that with the help of both the launcher and the man it can be fired.

The second feature of this missile is its firepower. This missile can be attacked from a distance of 3-4 kilometers. It means that the firing soldier can also be safe with this missile.

These missiles prove to be more effective for soldiers stationed on the border in the plains and desert areas.

How to make Israel a little smaller than Manipur, ‘Superpower’?
Why is Israel alone?
After all, why did India deal with Israel? In response to this question, Rahul Bedi says, “By the way both of France and USA have the technology available, but they are more expensive than the Israelis.”

According to Rahul, “Firstly, the deal is expected to go up to $ 500 million, but it seems now that within 350 to 400 million dollars, the Israeli government will give India a spike anti-tank missile.”

Rahul further says, “By the way, this deal has not been finalized yet, but according to the news that is coming, there can be an agreement to purchase 3500 missiles directly between India and Israel.”
Why was the contract canceled earlier?
The soldiers deployed on the Indian border have a great need.

Believers, however, India needs about 38000 such missiles. But DRDO is also making similar missiles, so you can quickly run 3500 spike anti-tank missiles from Israel.

Senior journalist Ajay Shukla has written a blog on this missile deal between India and Israel. According to him, just like in the Rafael deal, India has asked to combine it with the demand of time to revive the Spike Anti Tanks Missile Deal. The government is dubbing it as “operational nasicity”.

According to Ajay Shukla, “India had earlier wanted to enter into a technology transfers agreement with Israel for 30 thousand missiles, under which technology transfer would be done to India Dynamics Limited, but when such missiles are being created in the country itself Why buy, so the deal was canceled. ”

Binyamin Netanyahu is surrounded by his own country in Israel
What is the best spike?
Ajay Shukla believes that spike is not the best technique in this kind of missile. America’s Javelin and France missile Moony Potti are better than Israel’s Spike Anti Tank Missile

According to him, the 130 member delegation of Israel, along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has come to India, includes the head of the Raphael Advanced Defense System, and hence the deal has started again.

Significantly, Spike Anti Tank Missile Raphael makes itself

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