Struggles that just once in Gujarat: Narendra Modi

_99252493_gettyimages-846749124.jpgAfter winning the assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Narendra Modi addressed party workers at the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

10 Key Words of Modi Speech
1- When elections were held in the municipal corporation, municipality, nagar panchayat in Uttar Pradesh, it was being said that the GST will cause the BJP to stall in UP because of GST. Similar rumors in Gujarat and Maharashtra were strong, but the party received unprecedented support.

Overall lead in seats
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2- All these conclusions have proven one thing that the country is ready to reform, every thing performing is looking positive and ready for change.

3- Elections in democracy are accountable for government work. Today the expectations of middle class are so high that they want to fulfill them as soon as possible. The manner in which Himachal has shown results is proof that if you do not grow, are involved in wrongful deeds, then after 5 years, the public does not accept you.

4- The victory of any government in today’s environment is being seen as a big event for political analysts. Gujarat is an exception. Since 1989 there have been consistently winning. For me personally, Gujarat’s victory is double happiness. Because, for a long time, the person who has been the head has been discussing after coming down after coming down from there. The comparison starts, the attempt is demoralized. It is my pleasure to know that the way workers have handled Gujarat after leaving Gujarat, it is a matter of my happiness. Even after my arrival, development in Gujarat continues.

5- The Congress party was just visible in the field, but besides how many forces were it, once in Gujarat, how-how were the conspiracies done, how the movements went, the complacency in relation to development May be, but make fun of any development, it does not happen in public life.

After the Lok Sabha elections in May 2014, there is an atmosphere of development in this country, do not object to bringing the country out of the way of development. The mantra of ‘Sabka ke liye, Sabka Vikas’ has become the stamp of the public.

7- 30 years ago, the poison of casteism was put in Gujarat, where millions of people like me had finished it. But due to power hunger, some people have once again made attempts to sow the seeds of racism, which the people of Gujarat have denied.

8- It is an unusual victory on every political scale. Winning the success of 30 years in any state is astonishing for the whole world.

9- Even sixty six crore Gujaratis are one after Vijay, they are good. Will fulfill the dream of New India.

10- A slogan in the end- The winner will win the brother, the development will win.

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