Ramnath Goenka took iron from Indira Gandhi

_95739745_img_0010Newspapers like Ramnath Goenka are not found in today’s world. Press freedom fighter, very big patriots, anti-lawmakers, well-known editors, and even the government, who also danced at their fingers, Ramnath Goenka had put many caps.

Goenka used to represent them, who are contradictions in a particular person. They can be compared with the same contemporaries alone, they were the great Shari of Faruq Gorakhpuri of Urdu. Firak, surrounded by many literary critics, suddenly got entangled on the carrots and sacks disappeared from the chef after being discharged from his disciples.

But after a while he again started his discourse on the fine difference of romantic poetry and Wordsworth and Shelley’s poems. Likewise, Ramnath Goenka also used to shake the heights of increasing his 100 rupees of his editor, but on the other hand, he also enjoyed immense bliss in keeping his favorite editors like Frank Morais and S.Baivankar as a king.

Gandhi’s amazing in Champaran …

When Peelu said, ‘I am a CIA Agent’
In this picture, Nusli-Maureen Wadia, Vivek and Ananya Goenka are seen with Ramnath Goenka
Saeed Naqvi, editor of the Madras edition of the Indian Express, recalls, “Ramnath Goenka and Farak Gorakhpuri both were very clever and both considered human psychology as goodwill. Also both were very innocent and very naïve too. There are many layers in every person’s personality. He was also in Ramnath Goenka. They had these hobbies that there are very beautiful girls on their left. ”
Rehan Fazal with Saeed Naqvi at BBC Hindi Studios
So, the secret of Raghavan’s work was that when he went to see the cinema, bring the bottle of straw to the six Kodakola bottles, because the three girls would sit around them and three of them could not be there. Ramnath Goenka could not be a good friend. Ramnathji could go to any extent to help Deshmukh, but when he got behind Indira Gandhi, he decided to do it. It has to be done politically. ”

The more miserable, the more sedentary
It was famous about Goenka that he was totally against the penalty. Spending unnecessary money seemed to be a sin.

Ananya Goenka, who wrote book on Goenka, says, “Once many guests were staying in their penthouse in Mumbai. Hence, Prabhash Joshi, a friend of his friend and Jansatta, who went to Mumbai, took a room at the Oberoi Hotel to stay. As soon as Goenka got to know about this, he told Prabhash Joshi that he would check out immediately from the hotel. He put a folding bed in his own room and he cleared Prabhash Joshi. Other stories of his skimp are famous. ”
Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru
Renu Sharma, who has been his private secretary for eight years, explains, “He used to wake up early in the morning. Anyway, long distance calls used to be done before eight o’clock because at that time, a quarter rate was taken on the phone before 8 o’clock. But Goenka was also generous. When the building of Express was being constructed, he had ordered that a sack of potato be purchased daily and cooked vegetables in it should be fed to the children of the laborers.

Nehru’s friend Indira’s enemies
People have little knowledge that Ramnath Goenka had given his son-in-law, Feroz Gandhi, as a general manager in his newspaper, at the instance of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Said Naqvi says, “Indira and Feroz’s marriage were not a very successful marriage, they did not want to stay in the prime minister’s house.” One day Panditji told Ishankaran Goenka that do something for the turf, he became the general manager. When this talk reached Indira Gandhi, one day Nehru’s secretary Mathai sent him, and he indicated that the firoz should not be employed. ”
Ramnath Goenka is appearing with Gurumurthy in this picture
“He canceled the appointment letter of Feroz Gandhi, and when he met Panditji a few days later, he did not even talk to them. Goenka told me that he had come to understand that Indira had given the firoz an Indian Express was exited, but how did he say this to Jawaharlal?

The decision that was heavy on Indira Gandhi …

There is also an interesting story about Saeed Naqvi coming to the Indian Express and coming closer to Ramnath Goenka.

Naqvi explains, “Jayprakashji was very kind to us, and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan came to India in 1969. The Statesman had made me his Press Attas. I was very young, JP was also very interested in that trip. He came closer to JP, and whatever statement he used to give me was cleansing. Goenka wanted that any scope of the Bihar movement should be printed in the Indian Express itself. ”
“Because of my reason she was spreading in the Statesman, Goenka was very angry and impressed also, he told the secretary of the Gandhi Shanti Pratishthan Radhakrishnan that to meet Saeed Naqvi, they invited me to his house. Goenka is also coming there, she came straight to the main point and said, “Look, look, look here, you’ll look after the Prime Minister Office, Atal and Babu Jagjivan Ram.”

“I was thinking in my heart that the  Editor of Express News Service like Kuldeep Nayar, powerful editor like Bhaumankar, and Ajit Bhattacharjee and HK Dua were not heard in the ears and you handed me such a big responsibility. In this way, I was appointed in the Indian Express within five minutes. The next day he asked me to come to his office. I been there. They did not wear underwear. Used to bind the nappy. They were tie the nappy by facing the wall. Me and Kuldeep Nayyar stood behind them. He announced the same, ‘Kuldeep I think we should go Himam PMO, Atal and Jagjivan Ram.’

When Morarji said, ‘what is JP is a Gandhi?’

This is the story of appointment of Naqvi. But have you ever heard that the owner of a newspaper, sitting in his car in his car, would take the prime minister’s residence?
Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai
Naqvi explains, “By the way, he had an old Fiat cart of seventy models, which he used to run himself. But on formal occasions they used to take out their old studded car, whose upholstery was used for khadi. I was embarrassed that I was very young, so I bought a glasses to look a little serious. By reaching Prime Minister Morarji’s residence, he first introduced me to his Secretary Tonpe. Then he entered the room of Morarji Desai. In front Moraraji was sitting on a plank. Do I see that Goenakaji was lying down on the feet of Morarji? Then he got up and said, ‘Morarji Bhai Meet Naqvi. Only Will Cover Your Office. ‘ And then turning to me, “You May Go Now.”

Goenka not in the Emergency
The golden moment of Ramnath Goenka’s career was Emergency. He did not bow his head despite the heavy pressure of the government and continued to fight for freedom of the press.
Goenka fighting paws with Mousine Wadia, wife of Nusli Wadia
Ananya Goenka, who wrote Goenka’s biography ‘Ramnath Goenka-A Life in Black and White’, says, “The most important thing to run any newspaper is the advertisement. All advertisements given to the Indian Express were discontinued. In this way the newspaper’s financial lifeline was stopped in a way. At the time of the newspaper, he used to cut the printing press light, due to which the newspaper could not reach people from time to time. ”

“He crossed the extent of pressure when he said that Goenakaji changed his newspaper’s editor, and then he got censorship, but instead of accepting his consent Nanaji kept the place of the news censored, rather than censorship in the world. This kind of protest was not revealed against. ”

Letter written to Indira on Sanjay Gandhi’s death
Despite much opposition from Indira Gandhi, when her son Sanjay Gandhi died, he not only wrote a poignant letter but also wrote an editorial on the front page of his newspaper.
Ramnath Goenka with son and daughter-in-law
Renu Sharma recalls, “When Sanjay Gandhi died, he wrote a very emotional letter to Indira Gandhi. I went to Indira Gandhi’s house only for that letter. In that he wrote that no one can understand his misery more than that because I lost my son B.D. Goenka two months ago. Died at an early age. Later he also called Indira Gandhi and expressed his condolences. ”

Renu Sharma explains, “Once Indira Gandhi called her at dinner and I got a phone call from the Prime Minister’s residence, at that time there were very poor relations with her Indira. I went and said that Grandpa is your phone friend’s phone. I have called you for dinner, he said, you must have heard it wrong. Talk to Duncan, do not call again.
Ramnath Goenka Secretary Renu Sharma at BBC Studios
“I phoned the Prime Minister’s house and asked again if you have invited Ramnath Goenka, the Indian Express, to eat, he said,” Yes, I have called Goenakaji. Goenka ji is very happy and it sounds like a joke. She is trying to become a friend again, she went to the dinner party of Indira Gandhi, and she sat next to him at the dining table and served all the things that the RA Were living like. ”

Several editors, such as Frank Morais, Nihal Singh, Kuldeep Nayyar, along with Goenka worked, but their favorites were S.Baivankar. He used to teach his English knowledge and the way to get up and play the bridge with him.

Ananya Goenka says, “Bhaavankar was very close to Goenakaji. When he used to go to Mumbai he used to stay in the house. He was the only person for whom the fish was floated in the paint house. Goenakaji could not even imagine eating non-vegetarian food, but Goenka could go to this extent for the boyfriend, because he used to love them very much .. ”
Ramnath Goenka
Goenka’s affection for the boyfriend was so high that on the day the emergency was removed, he got involved in fixing the allegations made with his friend and former editor, Bhaibankar.

Kumi Kapoor writes in his book ‘Emergency’, “He immediately appointed Bhaumankar as the editor-in-chief of the Indian Express chain. But he forgot to give the news of this decision to the then editor V. Narasimhan.

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