Muslim professor teaching Israeli languageHebrew

_96799029_khursheedimam_2.jpgWhenever it comes to relations between India and Israel, then an image of Israel emerges.

Imam’s most effective image in these images emerging in my mind is imam.

You must be thinking, who are the Khumshid Imams and what will be their relation with Israel and if it happens, then it will be what happens to a Muslim with Israel.

Of criticism

But Khurshid Imam is a bit contradictory … do not dont … he is not even an Israel fan.

Khurshid Imam may be the only Indian Muslim who has equal rights on Arabic and Hebrew languages.

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Five times prayers
Hebrew is the language of Israel and Khurshid teaches Hebrew as an Assistant Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Khursheed Imam suit is not even a booted Muslim. Keep the bearded hats and read the prayers of five times with full faith.

Seeing them, they seem to be Arabic teachers.

The answer to this is that he says, “People will also think that seeing me, if there is a Muslim, then I have read less. If you have read, you will have to read from the madarsa. She is due to this dress and nothing else. Stereotyping is also there. I feel, but now I have overtaken it. ”

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Hebrew University
Interested in Israel. Khursheed says, ‘You read the news, go to the mosque to go to a debate. In a Muslim’s life, when Israel is roaming around again, I thought that instead of listening to others about this country, I would go and see myself. ‘

Khurshid, living in Gopalganj, studied in JNU and then applied for scholarship to Hebrew University.

He explains, ‘I did not think I would get scholarships. But I got very happy when I got it. In the last four years of Israel, I would say there were about ten to fifteen friends who returned from tears in their eyes while returning.

But the decision to teach Hebrew as a Muslim was not unbearable for the people around.

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Prime Minister’s visit to Israel
According to Khurdshid, many people consider him an agent of the Israeli intelligence agency Mosad, and some people even consider him as anti-Muslim.

He says, ‘Human emotions are at the top. While living in Israel, I understood that there are many misconceptions. If Israel is like this then its causes are. There is a sense of insecurity. I have the same love for both Israel and Palestine. ‘

Then why there is no reconciliation between the two, according to Khurdshid, the common people are in favor of reconciliation, but politics is then politics itself.

On relations between India and Israel, Khursheed says that the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Israel is important because it strengthens its legitimacy, while India can learn a lot from Israel, for instance, there is social fabrication there; There is a lot of scope for learning from the culture and technology.

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Arabic or Hebrew
Khurshid imam has been studying Hebrew for the past several years, balancing his religion and his professionalism. Among those who read Hebrew to him, there are people of Indian Army and ordinary students too.

He says, “I like language whether Arabic or Hebrew. If I teach Hebrew then it is obvious that I also read Hebrew. The criticism that should be criticized for the rest of Israel is not to be followed by criticism. ”

Khurshid, who has been criticized for criticizing many times because of his association with Hebrew, is now unemployed and says that languages ​​combine and save human beings, so he does not pay any attention to the criticism of the people on this issue.

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