Modi will set balance in Israel-Palestine

_96051201_gettyimages-677866570.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi can go on a trip to Israel in the first week of July.

But before that, the visit of Palestinian administration chief Mahmoud Abbas to India for four days has started on May 15.

Mahmoud Abbas has come to India for the fifth time during his tenure, but this is his first visit to India after the Modi Government came.

There will be negotiations on bilateral issues between Palestine and India, in which five-six MoUs can be signed in many areas including education, technology.

Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to be on the tour of Israel.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister or senior Indian officials and ministers have been on a visit to Israel, which also went to the Palestinian area.

But the picture is not clear right now, whether Prime Minister Modi will go to Palestinian territories along with visits to Israel.

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How did Modi’s foreign policy change over Israel?
Modi government
In such a situation, it is important to visit Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, because the Modi government is focusing more on Israel.

If Modi does not go to Palestine during the visit of Israel, some of its meanings will be removed, but before that Mahmud Abbas has been called on his trip to India.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas met Russian President Vladimir Putin before coming to India and also received US President Trump from Washington.

When Mahmoud Abbas returns from India, American President Trump is going to visit the area in a few days.

Since Mahmoud Abbas’s tenure is about to end, his emphasis is on peace process to resolve the Israel-Palestine dispute.

He has expressed the hope of India’s important role in it.

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas met Russian President Vladimir Putin before coming to India
Close to Israel?

In such a situation, Mahmoud Abbas can talk to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi about this issue.

However, India has not been ready to play a key role in the Israel-Palestine issue.

But many countries, including America, show interest in solving this issue, in such a way that India will not like to be isolated from this peace process.

Palestine and India have long been close by for a long time. India has supported Palestine many times in the United Nations.

But in the last few years, India’s attitude has changed. India has voted in support of Israel in the United Nations.

Not just India, but many countries that were once close to Palestine, they are now moving towards Israel.

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Kargil war
In 1992, India had full diplomatic relations with Israel.

But after the Kargil war, India and Israel came much closer because during the Kargil war, India met important military equipment and Assalah Israel.

Since Israel provided unconditional assistance at the crucial time of Kargil war, India has since considered Israel a trusted ally.

Now bilateral relations between India and Israel have been established in many areas like agriculture, education, technology and start-up.

Modi is going to draw a new streak from Israeli tour!

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