Modi speaks wrongly or erroneously in Gujarat

_98982003_86477169-6679-4f38-ade2-aaaafb5fb11b.jpgWhile addressing the campaign rally of Morbi in Gujarat on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about India’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi about the accident of breaking a mosquito dam in Morbi in 1979, quoting Gujarati weekly ‘Chitralekha’. .

Referring to the photo printed on the title page of the magazine, he said, “During the Morbi visit, Indira Gandhi was trying to run away with a handkerchief on her face.”

After Modi’s speech, the BBC Gujarati journalist Chintan Rawal received a picture of the magazine ‘Chitralekha’ from Bharat Selangan, on the title page in that issue of the journal.

It is clear in this picture that at that time, not only Indira Gandhi, Jana Sangh and RSS volunteers also used to clamber on their faces.

Not only this, Prime Minister Modi had said about the lines written about this photograph, “One photo was written on the smell of humanity and on the other side was written state dirty”.

While these pictures were written on the front page of ‘Chitralekha’ on the bottom of the picture, “Smelly Animality Humanity”

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This question raises the question: Did Narendra Modi make a mistake in mentioning this matter in his speech?

At this time, senior journalist of Gujarat, Prashant Dayal said, “When Narendra Modi talks about this type of thing, then he forgets that he is the Prime Minister of the country and making such remarks about the country’s late Prime Minister Are. ”

Prashant Dayal said, “We have such tradition that we do not comment negative about the departed people. Yet the comment they made about Indira Gandhi is not true and she shows to the people what she looks like. ”

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He further said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi was talking about Morbi’s accident, he was in Gujarat at the time of the accident. He was a volunteer at that time and he knows that he knows very well that many people from the mosquito dam break The lives of humans and animals were destroyed due to which the danger of spreading the epidemic had increased, at that time it was compulsory to make a scarf for everybody and around Morbi Was spread too bad. ”

In this situation, then the then Prime Minister of India, Indir Gandhi, kept a napkin in his mouth during his Morbi tour, it was quite easy.

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Prashant Dayal said, “The manner in which Narendra Modi is saying this for political advantage, the level of politics is declining. Earlier, neither BJP nor any leader of Congress has done so low level politics in Gujarat.

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