Justice Sinha, who could not bow down Indira Gandhi

_96010636_150611143628_justice_jagmohan_sinha_281x351_courtesyshantibhushanOn June 12, 1975, senior private secretary of Indira Gandhi, NK Sesh was monitoring every news coming from a teleprinter in a small office at the Prime Minister’s residence on a Safdarjung Road. They had a big news coming from Allahabad and they were very nervous.

Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha entered Room No. 24 of Allahabad High Court on 9.25 minutes. As soon as the thinly slim 55-year-old Justice Sinha assumed his seat, his presenter declared, “Brothers and sisters, Rajnarayan’s petition, when the judge sends the decisions, no clique will play.”

The decision that was heavy on Indira Gandhi …


Listen to what happened outside and outside the Allahabad court, Mohan Lal Sharma
Justice Sinha did not bow down at all.
A 255-page document was placed before Justice Sinha, on which his decision was written.

Justice Sinha said, “I will read the conclusions I have reached on all issues related to this case.” She paused for a few moments and then said, “The petition is accepted.”

Madhu Limaye was shocked to see the party
Allahabad High Court
The crowd in the court usually did not believe what he was hearing. After a few seconds, the roar of applause erupted in the whole court. All the Reporters ran out to contact their editors.

From there 600km away in Delhi, when the NK session read on these flash teleprinter, their mouth turned yellow.

Rajiv Gandhi first heard this story to his mother

It was written in “Mrs. Gandhi unceasing.” He torn panna with a teleprinter machine and ran towards the room where Indira Gandhi was sitting.

Indira Gandhi’s biographer Pranay Gupte writes in her book, Mother India: “When the session arrived, Rajiv Gandhi was standing outside the room of Indira, who caught Rajeev, who came to the UNI. Rajiv Gandhi was the first person who This news was first told to Indira Gandhi. ”
After losing the election from Rae Bareli seat in 1971, Rajarayan challenged him in the High Court.

Indira was found guilty of misuse of government machinery
Justice Sinha found guilty of adopting Indira Gandhi for unfair means in elections on two issues. Firstly, Yashpal Kapoor, who worked in Indira Gandhi’s Secretariat, was made an election agent while he was still a government officer.

He started campaigning for Indira Gandhi from January 7, while on 13 January he resigned from his post, which was finally accepted on 25 January.

Janata Jhami in front of which Indira Gandhi did not even

Ramnath Goenka took iron from Indira Gandhi

Justice Sinha found guilty of another charge, Indira Gandhi, who was in charge of helping Uttar Pradesh officials to set up a platform for her election gatherings. These officials allegedly arranged for loud speakers and royalties on government expenditures for those meetings.

However, later London’s The Times newspaper commented, “The decision was the same as the prime minister should be sacked from his post for violating the traffic rules.”
Rajarayana challenging Indira Gandhi in Allahabad High Court
Justice Sinha surprised everyone
Shanti Bhushan, who was the lawyer of Raj Narayan in that case, writes in his autobiography “Courting Destiny”: “When I started my debate, I felt that the judges are not giving any particular importance to this case. But since the third day I have noted That my pleas have started to affect them and they have started taking notes. ”

Before narrating his decision, he told his personal secretary Manna Lal, “I do not want anyone to even notice it before you make this decision, even your wife, this is a big responsibility. Ready to take it up? ”

The private secretary assured Justice Sinha that she was confident about this.
Rajnarayan with his advocate Shanti Bhushan
‘Indira Gandhi had built on Justice Sinha’s pressure’
In the lawsuit, Rajan’s lawyer Shanti Bhushan’s son Prashant Bhushan writes in his book ‘The Case That Shuk India’: “Sinha wanted to write his decision in a relaxed atmosphere. But as soon as the court was closed, Members of Parliament started coming daily. ”

He wrote, “Sinha was very angry on this and had to tell them that they did not come here. But even when he did not accept it, Sinha asked his neighbor Justice Parikh to explain to him that he should not disturb him.

Justice Sinha disappeared from her house
Prashant Bhushan has written, “When it did not have any effect, Sinha ‘disappeared’ in his own house and for several days he was not seen in the verandah of his house. All the people who came here were told that they had gone to Ujjain where their brothers used to stay.

He wrote, “In the meantime, he did not receive a phone call. In this way, from May 28 to June 7, 1975 no one could even meet him till his close friend.”

Not only that, there was an attempt to influence Justice Sinha’s decision.

Lalacha sent to the Supreme Court
Shanti Bhushan writes, “Justice Sinha was fond of playing golf, once he played golf, he told me a story, when the petition was heard, Justice DS Mathur used to be the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court. ”

He wrote, “He had never come before my house. But when the debate of this case was at its peak, one day he came here with his wife. Justice Mathur was related to Indira Gandhi’s then private doctor KP Mathur. ”

According to Shanti Bhushan’s book, “he told me on the condition of not asking the source that he came to know that my name is being considered for the judge of the Supreme Court. As soon as this decision comes, you will be made the judge of the Supreme Court. I did not say anything to them. ”
Resignation from Justice Mathur
Interestingly, when the Janata Party government came to power, Justice Mathur has been made Charan Singh as the chairman of an important inquiry commission.

Shanti Bhushan writes that when he returned from a foreign trip, he told Charan Singh what he told Justice Sinha, playing golf in 1976.

Shanti Bhushan writes, “I wrote a letter to Justice Sinha and asked if she can confirm the matter about Justice Mathur that she had told them a few years ago. Justice Sinha immediately responded to the letter saying that she All the facts are correct: Charan Singh has forwarded the letter to Justice Mathur for his comments, Mathur immediately resigned from the inquiry commission.
Justice Sinha’s decision to avoid the decision
By June 7, Justice Sinha had diktat the decision. At that time, he received a call from Chief Justice Mathur from Dehradun. Since these phones were of Chief Justice, they had to take this phone.

Mathur told them that joint secretary of the Home Ministry, PP Nayyar has met him and requested that the decision be adjourned till July.

Prashant Bhushan writes, “Justice Sinha got angry after hearing this request. He immediately went to the High Court and ordered the Registrar to inform both the parties that the verdict will be pronounced on June 12.”
Justice CIN was imposed on CID
Kuldeep Nayyar writes in his book ‘The Judgment’ that the decision for the government was so important that he had given a responsibility to the CID team to know whether Justice Sinha is going to decide what to do. ‘

He wrote, “They also went to the house of Sinha’s private secretary Manna Lal on the night of June 11. But Manna Lal did not tell him a single thing. The truth was that Justice Sinha had added important parts of his decisions in the last moments.

Sinha’s personal secretary also made pressure
He writes, “Even after Mannu Lal was not ready to tell anything after the seductive pleasures, the CID people threatened him, ‘We will come back in half an hour, tell us the decision, otherwise you know that for you What’s good. ‘

Manna Lal immediately sent his Bibi children to his relatives and took refuge in Justice Sinha’s house. Manna Lal escaped that night, but when she reached her house to be ready the next morning, a carriage of CID cars stopped in front of her house. ”
Prabhant Bhushan writes, “He then asked about Manna Lal’s decision and even said that Indira Gandhi is on the hotline itself, you can give him the information of the decision himself, Manna Lal said that he is getting late. Then came to Justice Sinha’s house. ”

Prashant Bhushan has written, “The problem of Manna Lal did not end here. For a long time before the verdict, the CID asked him who used to meet Justice Sinha in June? They also wanted to know whether there has been any change in Justice Sinha’s lifestyle recently. ”

Judge Sinha’s comparison with the judge of Watergate case John Sirica
Writing the role of ‘Bharat Bhushan’s book’ The Case That Shuk India ‘, then Vice-President Mohammad Hidayatullah compared Justice Sinha to Judge Justice John Sirika of Watergate scandal.

President Nixon had to resign because of his decision. This was the first time during the trial of this case when a Prime Minister of India was summoned to the High Court for testimony.
Order not to stand on Indira Gandhi’s arrival in court
Shanti Bhushan writes, “Before calling Indira Gandhi in the court room, he announced in a court that this tradition of the court is that people should stand when the judge enters the court. Therefore, when any witness visits the court, there exists no one Do not be a man. ”

When Indira Gandhi entered the court, no one stood in her honor, except her lawyer, SC Khare, He stood only halfway. Justice Sinha arranged for a chair in Indira Gandhi’s bungalow so that she could sit on her and give her testimony. ”

When the Janata Party government was formed in 1977, Shanti Bhushan became the law minister of India.

Justice Sinha did not take the fever
Shanti Bhushan writes, “I wanted to transfer Justice Sinha to Himachal Pradesh so that when there was a vacancy there, he could become the Chief Justice there, and when he was offered this, he humbly rejected him, he was very ambitious. He was not a person and was satisfied with the fact that he should be remembered only as an honest and capable person. “

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